The three key offers you need in your coaching business


The three key offers you need in your coaching business


Over the last few months a particular strategy has started to emerge as I’ve worked with my clients, experimented in my own business and kept an eye on trends in the online business / coaching world.

I work with a lot of new coaches, women in the first 1-2 years of their business and I think this is an excellent strategy to consider if you’re at this stage of your business because it’s all geared up to support you to bring more 1:1 clients into your main coaching package.

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This is all based on having three key offers in your business that play a specific role in helping you be successful and support people at different stages in their journey.

Offer 1 – Your Main Coaching Package

Of course, most coaches are going to have some kind of main coaching package which is the key way they work with clients to facilitate change.

Some coaches eventually scale out of 1:1 work and there is a ‘scalable’ version of this strategy that I cover in some training so if you’re reading this and you have a group programme or course then there’s other ways this 3 key offer thing can work. However for the purpose of this post let’s focus on that main 1:1 coaching package!

Your main coaching package is generally the most expensive thing you offer, it should be the most in depth, fastest, most comprehensive way someone can work with you to experience a transformation, change or shift.

It is usually the longest period of time you will work with someone (common time frames for 1:1 coaching packages are 3, 4, 6 or even 12 months) and it should be a fairly simple offer in that it’s clear what it is, what’s included, how long it’s for and most importantly, how it actually helps people. You don’t want to be giving people lots of different options in terms of how long the programme is, it should be straightforward for people to decide if it’s right for them.

I cover creating your main 1:1 coaching package in much more detail here.

Ultimately, our aim is to fill all of our available coaching slots!

Offer 2 – A ‘Priceless’ Power Hour

Offer 2 is all about creating a power style offer – but one with a few important twists! This isn’t your typical power hour where someone can pick your brain for 60 minutes, this is a session (which doesn’t actually have to be an hour) on a specific topic that is linked to your overall niche.

There’s quite a bit of thought and strategy that needs to go into the topic because we want your main coaching package to be the natural next step.

Once we have the call topic and structure we create some specific strategies around how we use it. In marketing speak it might sometimes be called a ‘loss leader’. There’s a bunch of other things we do, all covered in my Priceless Power Hours programme that helps make this a brilliant strategy for filling your 1:1 coaching slots.

In fact some of my clients know that if they offer up 10 slots for these calls they’ll fill all their main coaching programme places which is pretty awesome!

A Priceless Power Hour offer works so well because it gives people who are perhaps a little unfamiliar with what coaching is, a lower priced entry point. It gives you the opportunity to help them create a small win and get a taster of what coaching is like and how it can help them. You also get an opportunity to actually sell to them and we cover various methods for that in Priceless Power Hours

Offer 3 – A Small Digital Product

The final offer is about having a small, often lower priced digital product. This could be something like a mini course, a printable or template, e book etc.

It should be something you can sell with very little effort once it’s created, and again, the topic should be fairly specific and help people achieve a small win linked to your niche.

I cover the whole process of creating a product like this in my course Super Simple Passive Income.

Having an offer like this for sale in your business works for a few different reasons:

  • It stops you getting ‘free zoned’ when someone comes across your free content (basically when someone doesn’t realise you’re actually a business and you’re going to be selling stuff which is actually quite a common misconception!)
  • Again, it gives people a low cost, low risk option for working with you in a deeper way than your free stuff.
  • It changes your relationship with the person who buys it as they go from part of your community to becoming a customer and this all builds trust.
  • Having a small digital product means you can participate in some bundles which are a great way to grow your list and get in front of new people.
  • You can add other strategies into how you sell this product like using it as tripwire offer when someone signs up for your freebie etc

And there you have it! Those are the three key offers I believe you need in your coaching business that will help you book more 1:1 clients!

Reminder – you absolutely do not need to have all of these offers to get started. You can just create a main coaching package and fill those slots using whatever strategy you choose. This is just a system that makes sense to me based on what I’ve seen, but the main thing is that you’re taking action.

I’d rather you just crack on and work to get clients into your main package and then maybe backtrack and create a Priceless Power Hour and then later add in a Small Digital Product if you don’t have time to do all of those things at the start. It all depends on your priorities and what you feel called to do, there’s no right or wrong there’s simply what is right for you!

I hope you’ve found these ideas helpful and I’d love to know if you’re thinking about implementing any of this! Let me know in the comments below.


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