How to start a podcast to grow your coaching business


How to start a podcast to grow your coaching business


There’s lots of reasons why you might want to start a podcast to market your coaching business, maybe you’re quitting using social media to market your coaching business and want a fresh approach, perhaps you want to add in a podcast as part of what you’re already doing or maybe, like me, you want to integrate a podcast into a more streamlined marketing strategy.

In this post I’m going to share a few tips from my own journey with podcasting and give you some ideas for where you might want to get started when it comes to starting your own podcast.

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Why should you start a podcast to market your coaching business?

Relatively speaking, podcasting is way less saturated than social media. It’s consistently growing year on year with more people starting to listen to podcasts. There’s never a better time to start one than right now!

Podcasts are also fairly unique in how they are consumed – unlike social media and even videos on YouTube, podcasts are listened to in a much more intimate way – on someone’s walk or run, while they’re in the shower or doing the dishes. This makes podcasts a really great way to connect with people on a deeper level – something that is particularly important for us coaches.

Podcasts are also a brilliant medium for getting across the more nuanced elements of your messaging and brand – you get to talk about topics in a wider way than perhaps you’re able to do in a blog post and certainly better than you would in an Instagram caption.

My podcast journey

I started my first podcast back in 2014 with my good friend nutritionist Kezia Hall. We were collaborating at the time on running retreats and it felt like a great way to market that joint business venture.

We went our separate ways when my work turned more towards business coaching and mentoring and Kezia continued that podcast which is now called The Gut Goddess Show (check it out!)

I always fancied the idea of starting a podcast again, but creating one on top of what I was already doing to market my business felt too overwhelming. I also didn’t want to just jump on the bandwagon and create something similar to what everyone else was doing.

At the time I was also of the opinion that it was best to focus on no more than a couple of things and do them really well than to try and be in lots of places – for example focusing on really mastering Instagram. However, I feel that over the past couple of years the vulnerabilities of social media and ‘putting your eggs in one basket’ has been shown, and that you can have a presence in a few places (not all of them by any means!) and get great sustainable results.

Thus, The Wholehearted Business Show was born – something I call a multi platform content show. It’s a video that is edited and becomes a podcast, is shared on YouTube and then the transcript is edited up into a blog post – literally what you’re reading right now!

The whole process is streamlined, strategic, saves time and means that I’ve been able to have a podcast without the pressure of it being a whole new thing.

Things to consider when starting a podcast

So perhaps you’re now considering starting a podcast, where do you begin?

I think a good question to ask yourself is ‘why?’ Why do you want to start a podcast? Where does it fit into your marketing strategy? Will you have guests? Solo episodes? A mix? Do you want to create seasons or have an ongoing podcast? How much time do you have and how often can you create one and stay consistent with it?

Then you might want to listen to a few other podcasts in your general niche (just be mindful of comparison creeping in!) Can you bring anything fresh to the table with your own podcast? Can you approach things from a different angle or try a new perspective? Sometimes the most unique thing you can bring to your podcast is your own voice and experiences and that’s totally enough!

As for equipment you can go in at whatever level you like. I have a Logitech webcam* and a Blue Yeti mic* with a boom arm. The webcam and microphone were bigger investments but you can still record reasonable quality using some plugin headphones with a mic close to your mouth.

You’ll also want to look at podcasts hosts. I use Buzzsprout and have found them to be excellent. I love their comprehensive blog post on How to start a podcast. Other podcast hosts such as Libsyn, Podbean etc are also good choices.

Getting started

A massive barrier to me getting started with a podcast was perfectionism. I felt like I would need to have a big podcast launch, to book loads of guests, to have excellent audio and editing quality and to create detailed show notes with every episode.
But this perfectionism just wasn’t serving me and as soon as I decided to let that go and just give it a shot, I created my podcast (well, my multi platform content show!) and never looked back. It’s been one of the best things I’ve done in my business for my marketing.

Integrating your podcast into your wider marketing strategy

As I said at the start, I wasn’t a fan of the idea of creating a podcast as a standalone element of my marketing which is why I decided to integrate it with YouTube and creating a blog post.

This streamlined strategy has saved me bundles of time, has helped me be consistent, has supported me to be visible on several platforms and has helped me create content that will serve my business now and for the future.

If this sounds like an approach you’d like to explore, then do check out my live training How to Create a Multi Platform Content Show. It’s going to be live on Wednesday 16th February at 1pm UK time / 8am ET or you can get the replay. I’ll be covering the whole strategy and process of creating a multi platform show, including tutorials on starting and editing a podcast, video and blog post all from a single bit of content.

Join the How to Create a Multi Platform Content Show live training for £37 / $50 here.

I hope this post has given you lots to consider when it comes to starting a podcast! Got questions? Just let me know in the comments below.

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