How to create a multi offer coaching business


How to create a multi offer coaching business


There’s a lot of reasons why you might want to create a coaching business that has multiple offers and services.

Although there’s been a trend around businesses just having one key offer or having a signature programme or course, creating a multi offer coaching business can have lots of benefits.

Let’s look at what a multi offer coaching business is, why you might want to structure your coaching business in this way and how to actually do it. Let’s dive in!

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What is a multi offer coaching business?

There’s no set definition of what a multi offer coaching business actually is, but I tend to class this as a business that has several different ways people can work with them, in several different formats and at several different price points.

In fact the first place I heard a business referred to as ‘multi offer’ was Lizzy Goddards approach to online business – lots of which I learned about when I worked with her inside her Profitable Playground.

So a multi offer coaching business may have more than one 1:1 coaching offer, multiple online courses or trainings, group programmes, memberships etc. I know that might sound overwhelming and exhausting but there’s a method behind it all!

Why would you want to create a multi offer coaching business?

Your personality type

If you’re the kind of person who would consider themselves to be multi-passionate and know you’d get bored if you only had one or two things to sell, then the multi offer approach could be a good option for you.

Being able to serve people at different price points

If one of your values is accessibility, having a multi offer business could allow you to create offers at various different price points which increases accessibility for your community. However, it is important to remember that if you’re creating good quality content for your marketing you are actually helping people for free.

Being able to serve people seasonally

I love being able to create offers that link into the season you’re in and how that might be impacting your people. It’s not something that will be available all year round, but being able to pull something out at a certain time of year can be really good fun.

Repeat custom

When you have various offers that are all linked to a broader niche, then you’re able to sell new / different things to the same people. When you’re creating good stuff, people will want to work with you again and again. This can take some of the pressure off having to constantly be growing your baseline audience / community in order to grow your revenue.

Being able to explore different aspects of your niche 

Another benefit of having multiple offers is being able to explore the different facets of your niche in more depth than you might be able to in free marketing content. It also means you can create different formats to help your people – for example a template meal plan and a meal planning course could be two different, but linked offers.

Creating fun marketing and sales systems inside your business for ‘passive’ income

When you have multiple offers in your business then you’re able to create various funnels and systems inside your business to help you connect with more people and make more sales. Think tripwire offers, evergreen funnels, evergreen sales pages etc

Participating in bundles

If you want to be able to get involved in bundles as a way to grow your business then having multiple offers in your business to choose from is pretty essential. It means you have some options ready to contribute to the bundle so you use this to grow your email list.

Building trust

The theory says that once someone has exchanged money and purchased from you there’s a shift in terms of trust. They move from being a viewer or a subscriber to being a customer and with that more connection and trust is built – having lower priced offers enables this to happen more frequently. That trust and connection can be the basis for someone moving into your higher priced offers.

How to create your multi offer coaching business

There’s a few different ways you can approach creating your multi offer business, but they all start with simply creating new stuff! 

If you’re a newer coach, then I’d make sure you get these 3 key offers dialled in and working before you add anything new into the mix, then it’s up to you really.

Here’s a few of approaches that might work:

  1. Look at the free content you create that performs well and create a small paid digital product on the same topic but going more in depth, giving people more support etc.
  2. What have you done personally linked to your niche that works really well? Is it a repeatable process that you can teach someone? If so, create a paid live training to teach others how to do that. Once you’ve done it live, make it into an online course.
  3. If you’re getting maxed out with 1:1 coaching then consider creating a group programme and starting with that as an additional offer
  4. Consider your client journey, what specific things could you support them with on this journey that would make sense as a stand alone offer?

What my multi offer coaching business looks like

My business has a lot of offers! I have my main 1:1 coaching and mentoring programme Thrive (which I’m in the process of tweaking and developing), my group programme Wholehearted Business and my design and mentoring services where I design coaches branding and websites. I also have several one off 1:1 services. Then I have my new Content Marketing for Coaches Membership, several courses and programmes and a few other offers that I pull out at different times or use in different ways.

I find creating an Everything Page (h/t Lizzy Goddard) the best way to share your services if you have a multi offer business.

However, I have learned a bunch of lessons in using this approach and making it work for me. 

Create bigger containers for the smaller offers – something I learned early on was to have bigger containers where some of the small offers could sit. This includes my Wholehearted Business Group Programme and more recently my Content Marketing for Coaches Membership. Obviously those containers also include a whole bunch more extra support and resources but I feel like having these bigger programmes for the small offers to ‘sit’ makes them more manageable, profitable, means they are utilised more.

Keeping things up to date – when you have multiple offers keeping them updated can be a bit of a faff, if there’s any downside to having multi offers I’d say it’s this. 

Make use of flash sales and simple launches to sell your stuff – Most of the smaller products and even 1:1 products I launch in a really simple way with a flash sale or mini launch. One of the benefits of multi offers is not necessarily having to do massive launches on your signature thing.

Don’t be afraid to pre sell and then create on the go – When I first put Blog School out into the world, I hadn’t actually created the content for it. I pre sold it and ran it as a live programme where I dripped the content out as I created it.

Stack your offers up – If someone joins my 1:1 coaching programme Thrive, they get access to everything I offer. If you join Wholehearted Business you get access to pretty much everything I offer that’s not 1:1. Stack your offerings up to create even more value for your higher paying clients.

Things to consider

If this sounds fun to you and you’d like to start exploring this kind of structure in your own coaching business, here’s a couple of things to consider.

Your niche – I feel like this approach works better for certain niches. As long as you have a fairly broad overarching niche, then this could be great. However, if you have quite a targeted niche then it might be trickier. Something else to consider here is your client journey – do you have people who would benefit from different things at different stages? If so then this could work well.

Time – creating courses and programmes takes a lot of time! Creating all those resources and setting everything up is a time investment that you want to know will make sense for your business. It might be if you don’t have loads of time that you start off with additional 1:1 type offers at higher price points.

Procrast-creating – Something I now realise I was doing was procrastinating on the real thing that was going to move my business forward at the time – marketing. If you’re churning out new offers and putting all your time on to the creating but not on the marketing and sales – you might have a problem!

Profitability – Not all offers in a multi offer business are digital courses and programmes, but where they are you need to make sure that it’s worth the time creating them and that they’re going to be profitable. Most courses and programmes convert at 1-3% of your audience or community. That’s not to say you shouldn’t create new things if you have a small list or following because they can still have strategic significance either way – it’s more to make sure you have realistic expectations.

So there you have it, an introduction to creating a multi offer coaching business! I’d love to know your thoughts on this – would you create a business model like this? Let me know in the comments.



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