Creating Aligned Offers: My Process


Creating Aligned Offers: My Process


One of the most enjoyable things about running a coaching business for me is being able to create new fun things I can sell in my business

Your coaching offers are an incredibly important element of your business – they literally form the foundation of what you’ll spend most of your time doing in your business, they’re the way you make money, the way you create impact in the world.

They have to be aligned with not only your values but how you want to be showing up in your business, the impact you want to make and much much more.

I’m going to share with you my step-by-step process for creating aligned offers in my business with lots of tips on how you can create offers that sell.

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What is an Aligned Offer?

An aligned offer is basically my made up term for offers that don’t just focus solely on profitability or ‘business comes first’. For me, an aligned offer meets the needs of the clients and customers, is also profitable and works for the business – but importantly – it also works for you.

At the end of the day, delivering on your offers makes up a large chunk of your day to day work as a coach and if you want to have a certain lifestyle then you need to be creating offers that align with your intentions.

My step by step process for creating aligned offers

1 – Checking in with my values and reconnecting with what I want

The first step in my process of creating new offers in my business is to simply reconnect with why I’m actually here doing this stuff.

I’ll remind myself of my version of success, my values and how it is I want to show up in my business. I’ll also check in with what my needs are right now.

This is the space from which I want my offers to be created so this step is always really helpful for keeping me on the right track and not getting taken off course.

Reconnecting with all of that, and also looking at how I want to feel in my business when delivering on the things that I sell is a really important part of creating offers that are aligned and it’s often missed!

2 – What do my people need right now

At this stage I’m really thinking about what my community needs support with. Maybe this is inspired by conversations I’ve had with people, perhaps it’s more of an intuitive thing. You can also do more formal market research here if that feels good to you.

Then it’s about asking myself what, out of these areas, do I feel most excited to create something around?

3 – Structuring the offer

There’s many different forms an offer can take so this bit needs careful consideration. Is it a 1:1 offer? A group programme, course or membership? Live or self study? There’s a lot of options!

What does the offer need to be in order to get your clients the result they need and will that format work well for them? But also, will that method of delivery work well for you too? Thinking back to what you feel you need from step 1, does the offer need to be structured in a specific way to meet that need?

You might also need to consider what stage of business you’re at, the size of your current audience / community and your niche to help you with this decision too.

4 – Communicating the offer

At this stage I think about putting together the sales page copy and deciding on the pricing and anything else I need to communicate to people who buy it about how the offer is structured.

When it comes to this being an aligned offer, I’m considering how to communicate boundaries I might have around the offer or general expectations as well. This can really help the delivery of the offer go smoothly.

5 – Selling the offer

When it comes to selling I only ever sell in a way that would feel good to me. One of my golden business rules is to only do what you wouldn’t mind experiencing yourself! This is the part of the process where I might reach out to any people I feel would be a good fit for the programme or it might be where I create a more strategic promotional and sales plan of action.

There are numerous ways you can sell – launch models, Evergreen models and many more. I often talk about ‘fast and cosy’ selling in my Wholehearted Business Group Programme.

So there are the 5 key stages I use when creating a new aligned offer – which is something I’ve been doing over the last few weeks!

Create Your Aligned Offer with me

As well as reviewing a couple of my 1:1 offers I’ve been creating a brand new offer designed to help you create your own aligned offers that sell.

If the whole process of creating coaching packages and other offers feels overwhelming to you, or if you’re done with creating offers that simply don’t sell, then this is for you.

You can find out all the details of Create Your Aligned Offer and join us here.

The programme is going to kick off with an optional 2 week live round, as well as being self study.

We’ll be covering everything from identifying topics and scope of work for your offers, pricing, structuring offers, writing sales copy, selling your offers and so much more. This is going to be a pretty comprehensive course and I’ll be covering so much you can come back to time and time again when you create new offers in your business.

Check out Create Your Aligned Offer here!


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