6 easy ways to create content ideas for health & life coaches


6 easy ways to create content ideas for health & life coaches


If you use content to market your coaching business then I’m guessing that one of the biggest problems you face is coming up with good ideas.

Whether that’s Instagram posts, Facebook Live topics, blog post ideas or even what to email your list – so much of what we create to market our coaching businesses is content based, so it makes sense to have a few ideas up your sleeve that you can come back to when you just aren’t feeling all that creative.

Yes, in an ideal world we’d all wait until we feel that spark of a creative idea, or we’d have the perfectly strategic content marketing plan in place, but the reality is sometimes we just need to post something!

For those occasions I want to give you a few things you can do to generate new content ideas when you’re just not feeling creative.

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Use Pinterest to inspire you

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of Pinterest, it’s absolutely chock full of inspiration on just about every topic and niche.

It’s always been my go to place when I need inspiration for my content and the process is super simple. Just go to the search bar and type in a few words related to your niche then see what Pinterest brings up.

What you’ll usually see is a bunch of pins with the title of the piece of content written on them. Note down the titles you see that spark your interest and give you ideas.

You don’t really want to click into that pin and see the content as we obviously don’t want to be copying off someone else’s work. Instead see if you can create your own content for that title based on your own knowledge and expertise.

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Think about a client struggle

Another thing you can do to drive ideas is to consider what your clients are struggling with. If you have clients who are finding something hard or tricky, it’s likely that other people will be too.

Can you take that problem and create a piece of content that addresses it?

This tends to work better for more specific problems, for example, if you’re a health coach and one of the things your client is struggling with is getting out of bed in the morning then you create content that addresses that specific issue.

This can be a great way to inspire content because if you’ve already attracted the kind of person with that problem as a client, putting content out into the world that addresses that is likely to attract other similar kinds of people.

One thing to bear in mind of course is client confidentiality. Even though you won’t be mentioning them by name in the content, you might still want to ask them if it’s ok to create something on that problem as it can feel a little exposing to suddenly see your coach talking about a problem you’ve just mentioned in a call!

Consider what it is you’re selling

Look at what it is you’re actually selling and use that to inspire new content ideas. Can you consider the problems that your package or product is addressing or the results or transformation that it creates? Can you take another look at the sales page you have for it and pull an idea out of that?

Using what you sell to inspire content works super well, especially because it’s often a really nice way to soft sell your thing without it feeling too salesy (if that’s an issue for you!)

For example, let’s say you offer a package of wellbeing coaching for people in leadership roles and one of the things you support people with is dealing with their inner critic. You could create a blog post with 3 ways to silence your inner critic and then the call to action could be to check out your coaching package!

Recycle a previous piece of content

A really simple thing you can do if you’re struggling with ideas is to go back to your older content. Especially on platforms like Instagram, it can make a lot of sense to simply re-post content that performed well in the past. But whatever the platform you’re on, looking at older content and re-working it into something new can be quick and easy if you’re stuck for ideas.

In fact, this post you’re reading right now is inspired by something I shared on Instagram Stories almost 3 years ago!

Don’t forget that you can also repurpose your content too.

Look at what’s currently trending

A fun way to inspire good content is to look at what is currently trending in the world generally or more specifically in your niche.

I like to look at Pinterest Trends, Twitter trending topics or YouTube trends to see if there’s anything relevant that sparks an idea.

It might be that what’s trending and how you link to it is a bit tenuous but it can also lead to you creating some really interesting content.

For example, as I type this we’ve just had the Oscars. He’s some example content ideas for a couple of different coaching niches:

Healthy Oscars Party – what I’d serve if I was hosting an Oscars party but wanted it to be healthy (this could be an short form video (Instagram Reel, Tik Tok, YouTube Short that highlights some of your existing recipes)

Why you shouldn’t be influenced by the Oscars – a piece of content that helps women who are struggling with body image remember how unrealistic the body types on display at the Oscars are

What can we learn from celebs and awards shows – let’s say you’re a performance and mindset coach, you could create something that talks about the kind of prep a celeb might make for a high pressure appearance at an awards show and relate that back to how you help people prepare for interviews and presentations.

Use AI

The use of AI when it comes to content creation is something that can simply not be ignored these days and it really is a powerful tool for supporting your creation when you’re not feeling super creative!

Giving an AI piece of software the right input to give you an idea that is actually useful is a bit of a skill (and something I cover in training inside my Content Marketing for Coaches Club) but have a play around with a tool like Chat GPT and see what it can come up with!

I hope these tips have given you some ideas you can use when it comes to creating content to market your coaching business. If you never want to feel like you’re staring at an empty screen and have no clue what to post then do check out my membership, Content Marketing for Coaches Club. You can get started for as little as $9 a month where you get a monthly content inspo pack with strategically designed ideas to help you market and grow your coaching business.

Join Content Marketing for Coaches Club here.

Let me know which of these ideas you’ll be using in the comments!


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