Behind the Scenes of my Coaching Business April – June 2023

Behind the Scenes, Business

Behind the Scenes of my Coaching Business April – June 2023

Behind the Scenes, Business

If you enjoy hearing what goes on behind the scenes of people’s business and life then read on, I’m sharing what I’ve been getting up to in quarter two of the year. Let’s dive in

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The main thing I did in April business wise was create and launch Create Your Aligned Offer. I love this programme and it was a lot of fun to run the live round. I also signed several new clients in April too. Other than that, we had the two week Easter break so I spent time off with the kids which was lovely. It was generally just a good fun month!

Income: £6202 / $7879


I didn’t have any particular launches in May. A lot of what I was working on was kind of internal, so I had a bit of a light bulb moment in terms of my business offer structure that has been super helpful. That led to me making the decision to stop offering brand and website design which has felt a little scary as that has been a good stream of income for me in the past. But it’s just not been aligned for a while for a number of reasons so it was time to let it go. I still have several clients I’m working with to finish off and I’m enjoying those projects but I’m also going to be happy to have that chapter of my business come to an end, at least for now.

Another big thing I did in May was clean my list. A list clean is basically deleting subscribers who don’t open or engage with your emails. I ended up deleting a large number, which given that I’d added quite a large number of emails from bundles and summits lately was fine and just part of the process. It does still feel a little scary to delete over 1000 subscribers though! My next job in that area is to set up an ongoing list cleaning sequence so it happens more automatically rather than me doing a set list clean every year.

Something else I started to become aware of in May was that I was being so much braver in my business. I applied to be part of a bundle that I wasn’t sure I’d get into (I did). I’ve just generally started to notice that I’m feeling more confident (I feel like I’ve talked about this elsewhere recently!) which is a nice feeling as confidence is something I’ve struggled with for a long time!

Income: £5027 / $6386


June has just been such a fun month!

I attended Atomicon (affiliate link), a conference for small online businesses and really loved the whole experience. I’ve booked to attend next year too.

I took part in the Future of Blogging Bundle which was good fun, although there weren’t a lot of sign ups for that particular bundle.

I joined Elizabeth Goddard’s Silver Moon Sales which has been really good so far. The first challenge was to create a $9 offer so I went ahead and made Social to Sales and I have another idea I’m going to run with as well. I’m looking forward to using that programme to get more systems in place to sell more of my courses and programmes on an ongoing basis.

Life wise, we had our first holiday of the year to the Lake District for a few nights. The weather was amazing and we had such a great time. I dipped my toe into wild swimming and got thoroughly hooked! I went for a sea swim on the Summer Solstice which was gorgeous.

£8724 / $11004 (slightly different to the figure I share in the podcast and video as more income came in after I recorded!)

Why I share my numbers

I put this reminder in every time as I know that income numbers can be triggering for some people (they have been for me before). But I share them because one of my values is transparency, because I think we all need to discuss money much more openly and because I hope this inspires someone out there in some way.

As you can see from those figures, it’s been a really good quarter for me income wise. I went into the year with the goal of hitting £5k months consistently – what I’d love to achieve is £5k months averaged out over the year which I’m well on track for half way through. There has been a bit of a mindset shift behind it, because instead of just leaving it to chance, I’m being much more active in looking at how I can meet that income goal each month and I feel like that action has really driven the results I’ve had.

Lessons Learned

I’ve continued to plan in my 6-8 week mini seasons that I mentioned in my last BTS. I still find those super helpful for staying focused and being realistic about what I get done.

As I mentioned above, I did have a light bulb moment around my business offers. It sounds super simple but for some reason it hadn’t quite slotted into my brain in the same way, but seeing my main offers as Content Marketing for Coaches Club, Wholehearted Business and my 1:1 Mentoring with my other courses and programmes kind of ‘orbiting’ those 3 key offers has been a really useful in how I think about my business. Now I know that all of my marketing essentially needs to be directing people into one of those key offers, I can structure things a little differently.

And just to follow on from the lessons I learned last quarter, I mentioned I’d just been feeling this big positive internal shift which is manifesting as more confidence and that ‘being braver’ thing I spoke about earlier. In general, in life and business I just feel like I’m in a super good groove right now and I’m hoping that will continue!

Health + Life

In my last BTS post I talked about some big shifts I’ve had in my health and wellbeing and I’m really glad that those have continued through this quarter as well. I just seem to have found a really sustainable set of routines and habits that make me feel really good in my body. There has been weight loss, but it’s been a side effect of just getting my shit together around what I put in my body and how I move it. I’ve honestly never felt better in myself than I do now which is a huge achievement after everything I’ve been through around weight and disordered eating.

In a society that makes us feel like we’re ‘done’ once we’re over 40, I genuinely feel like I’m just getting started. That’s something that has really solidified over the last couple of months. I knew I wanted my 40th last year to be a bit of a turning point and it really has!

When I think back over my life, up until now I’ve either been on the pill (from the age of 18), struggling with my weight, disordered eating, pregnant, breast feeding, sleep deprived. It’s literally only been the last year or two when I’ve not been one of those things. I’m not especially looking forward to perimenopause rocking up and potentially throwing a spanner in the works, but I do feel well equipped to manage that when it does happen. And for now I’m just high on life and making the most of it all!

Laura 💖


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