What season is your business in?


What season is your business in?


Did you know that just like nature your business has seasons? Do you know what season your coaching business is in right now? If not, read on to learn more about how seasonal living can positively impact your business and help you enjoy more ease and flow.

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What is seasonal living?

At its simplest, seasonal living is living life with an awareness of the seasons within nature and adapting your life to live more closely in alignment with them. This has become a bigger part of my life over the last few years and it brings me a lot of joy and connection when I live more seasonally.

As I write this, just before the start of September, I’m aware of the shift in energy taking place as we transition from summer to autumn. This shift that takes place isn’t just reflected in the weather and climate, but in the little routines of my life, and by extension my business too.

I now plan for my life and business in mini seasons that roughly align with the Celtic Wheel of the Year – though truthfully are more synced with the school terms. Either way, it brings me a deeper connection to each season and the different energies at play.

  • Spring is often associated with emergence, growth, new beginnings
  • Summer is often associated with visibility, high energy, ‘outwardness’
  • Autumn is often associated with harvesting, reflection, consolidation, letting go
  • Winter is often associated with rest, turning inward, planning

Although there are generally accepted ‘energies’ for each season, think about how you feel for each one and what energy stands out for you in spring, summer, autumn and winter.

Business lessons from the seasons

Seasons are just a repeating cycle of energy – just like the moon phases or menstrual cycles. They teach us that there are natural periods of growth and periods of things being fallow.

If we apply the energy of the seasons to our business, we can start and see how these energies can help us be more accepting of the natural ebb and flow of all things.

In the entrepreneurial world, the focus can be on productivity at all costs, constant visibility and growth and ‘hustle’. But that’s simply not sustainable – particularly for those of us who are running our businesses alone or with a very small team.

When we apply the energy of the seasons to our businesses it might look like:

  • Spring – starting our business, branding or doing a rebrand, getting a website put together, deciding on what our offers should be
  • Summer – launching something, running a challenge, hosting a bundle or summit
  • Autumn – analysing what is working and what isn’t, implementing strategies that have been learned, letting go of income streams or projects that aren’t working for us, completing projects
  • Winter – Resting and taking time off, journaling on your next business steps, planning

It doesn’t mean that you have to line up what you do in your business with the physical season you’re in – although you can if you want! It’s rather you look at how the energetic cycles come one after the other and, perhaps most importantly – winter exists in your business too! You can’t be in a perpetual state of summer and not end up burning out.

It also doesn’t mean that all and any kind of visibility stops when you’re in a winter phase – it’s more about the energetic output. I can stay visible via the Wholehearted Business Show almost all year round, because it doesn’t require ‘summer’ levels of energy.

What season do you feel your business is in now?

Ultimately it’s all about using the energy of each season to help you accept and embrace the natural ebbs and flows. No flower will bloom all year round and the same goes for your business and that’s ok!

I’m all about our businesses being sustainable and enjoyable and having this understanding of the seasons our business might be in can be so helpful with this.

Other ways your business can benefit from seasonality

Just as we can benefit from living more seasonally, there are other ways your business can benefit from incorporating seasonality too.

Seasonal content and marketing

Consider how you can lean into the current season in your content creation and marketing. How might the current season be impacting your people? If you’re a health coach, the challenges your potential clients might be navigating are likely to be different in the summer to what they are over Christmas – can you speak to those and share something seasonal?

Remember that platforms like Pinterest are very seasonal in the content they show to people. What people will search for will also change depending on the season so factor this in when you’re planning your content.

Same goes for other forms of marketing. Considering running a challenge? When is a good time of year considering what might be going on in your clients lives? If you work with mothers, it might be that early September is a bit manic with children returning to school, but mid September – mid October is a better fit. Also could the challenge link into some other season aspect, like self care before the Christmas season?

Seasonal offers

Does it make sense to create a specific offer for a specific season? I always offer up some slots for a specific offer called Get it Done in September that is focused on helping coaches achieve a specific goal before the end of the year.

Just as for the challenge idea above, perhaps there’s a very specific issue your clients need support with that’s linked to a certain season or time of year.

Next steps

I’ve got some awesome freebies to help you whatever season your business is in:

Spring – starting your business? Check out my free Zero to Launch Guide
Summer – ready to get more visible? Try my free Aligned Client Attraction and Marketing Workshop
Autumn – want to create a sustainable marketing plan? Check out my free 4 hour marketing workflow
Winter – Grab the free planning workbook I share in this post. It’s designed for 2023, but will still help you plan for the future of your business no matter the time of year.

I’d love to know if you’ve found this post helpful! Let me know what season you feel your business is in now in the comments below:


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