How to up level your health or life coaching business in 2024


How to up level your health or life coaching business in 2024


Happy New Year!

If you’re excited to be building your coaching business in 2024 and are ready to level it up then I’m going to share a bunch of tips you can implement to help your business reach new heights.

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Before we dive into the tips, I just wanted to speak about what ‘upleveling’ really means. In business, it can be common to reach a certain point and then find that you’re a bit stuck there. Maybe it’s an income level, or the number of clients you’re attracting or perhaps it’s that you’re stuck in a feast or famine cycle. Upleveling is how you break out of that place and get to the next level, whatever that looks like for you.

In my work with clients, I’ve noticed that I seem to attract coaches who are all aiming to create a business that is what I’d call ‘cosy’. It’s a business that feels easy to run, where they can do work they love and make a decent income, 6 figures optional!  Most of us simply want to be able to live life more on our own terms and have more freedom with how we choose to spend our time.

So with those two things in mind, here are some ideas – along with specific actions you can take, to help you reach that next level.

Do something different

Continuing to do the same things you’ve always done, is going to keep getting you the same results. So what can you start doing differently? All of the following tips are examples of this, but ultimately we need to really take a look at our business and ask ourselves what we can change about our approach. That might be a marketing thing, a sales thing, messaging thing, support, offers or even mindset – but something, often significant, will need to change to reach that next level.


Take an honest look at your business from a holistic perspective. Does anything jump out at you as needing to change or be done differently? What would a 10% shift look like in terms of doing something different?

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Improve your messaging

Our messaging is how we communicate what we’re all about, how we can help people and in what way. If our messaging is a bit woolly, generic or just isn’t connecting with our people, it can lead to us becoming a bit stuck. Creating a clear and compelling message can help your business reach new potential clients, stand out in a crowded coaching market and give you new found confidence.


Take a look at your current messaging and copy across your website, social media and any other client facing platforms you use. Is it accurate? Is it compelling? Is it still relevant? What are you holding yourself back from saying? Is there a place you’re afraid to go with your messaging because you’re scared that it will turn some people off? If so, this is a good indication your messaging could do with some tweaks and improvements! Check out my post on how to create a compelling message for your coaching business for more ideas.

Build your email list / audience

One of the simplest things you can do to reach a new level in your business is to grow the number of people you are connecting with on a regular basis. I prefer to focus on building an email list over a social media following for many, many reasons, not least because you don’t actually ‘own’ your audience on social media.

There’s a saying ‘double your list, double your income’ so focusing on this task can make a big difference in your business. In fact, this is what I’m focusing on for 2024!


Join my free training and workshop on all things email list growth and email based marketing for health and life coaches which is taking place on Wednesday 17th January – a replay will also be available so get signed up for that here!

Increase your pricing

Yep, I know this might be a bit of an obvious one! I don’t recommend raising prices randomly, but if it’s been a while since you’ve reviewed your prices, taking a look at them and making some decisions can be super helpful. You can also run a pre price increase promotion which can help drive more sales.


Review your prices! If you’re not sure where to even get started with raising your prices then check out my post on when you should raise your prices as a coach here.

Do the thing that you’re avoiding

I feel like this is true for almost everyone in business, but there will be an area that you’re putting off, avoiding or shying away from. This area might just be the thing you need to do that takes you to the next level. For me, it’s reaching out to other coaches to do collaborations or podcast interviews, amongst other things!


Ask yourself what areas of business are you avoiding. What do you know works, but for some reason you’re not doing it? Why do you think you’re not doing it? What beliefs do you have that might be stopping you from doing it? Explore this in a journal and then make a plan to tackle it once and for all.

Look at how you’re spending your time

When it comes to the results we get in our business, how we actually spend our time can have a massive impact. Whether it’s what we’re spending our time on, or how much time we have to work on, or in our businesses, making shifts here can help us get a different result!


Track how you’re spending time in your business using a tool like Toggl. This alone can be really eye opening! Then identify what your key ‘moving the needle’ tasks are in your business that actually help you uplevel – whether that’s in terms of sales, income, community growth etc (if you don’t know what these are, then check out the tip on getting support!) and look at how you can make sure you’re putting in time here. You might also look at whether or not you have enough capacity and perhaps whether or not outsourcing some tasks to a VA could help you make better use of your time.

Do more of what you enjoy

I know this might seem like a random tip, but hear me out! Whether it’s inside or outside of your business giving yourself time to actually do things that bring you joy can be a game changer when it comes to upleveling. Same when it comes to making sure you’re getting adequate rest and relaxation. Doing what you enjoy can shift your energy completely, and that in and of itself can bring big changes. Most of what I tend to think of as ‘upleveling’ starts in the energy you bring into your business, and prioritising joy, rest and relaxation are key!


Both inside and outside of your business, consider what brings you joy. What simple things can you do to invite more joy in? Can you write a list of 3 things for inside your business and outside of your business that you can do which will bring more joy, rest and relaxation into your life? For example, taking a Friday afternoon off to read a book by yourself, buying yourself fresh flowers each week, giving yourself an hour each week to just play on Canva with your branding…

Get supported

Of course I couldn’t not mention how effective investing in support for your business can be when it comes to upleveling. The biggest jumps I’ve made in my business have all been when I’ve invested in coaching or mentoring or joined a business support programme. This can also be applied to the systems you have in your business. Investing in better systems can make a massive difference, for example I invested in Thrivecart and that felt like a big way to uplevel my business.


What support do you feel you need for your business to shift? Is it an outside perspective or accountability and ideas from a coach or mentor? Is it being with other coaches who are at your level or ahead of you in a mastermind? Is it better systems that help your business function in a new way?

Check in with your mindset / energy

As I said earlier, ‘upleveling’ in business is so connected to the energy we bring into it, and by extension, our mindset too. If deep down you don’t believe you’re good enough, you don’t think you’re as good as ‘that’ coach, or that successful businesses don’t happen to people like you, then you’ve got some work to do!


Get clear on what this upleveled version of your business looks like. In what ways is it different to what it is now? When you think about that upleveled version, what comes to mind as reasons why you can’t achieve that? These can be limiting beliefs that you can now work through and release to help you connect with that upleveled version of your business.

Whatever way you feel like working towards that upleveled version of your coaching business, check out my free system guide, The Aligned Client Attraction System below and come and join my free workshop on all things email lists here!


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