Cleaning up and simplifying your coaching business


Cleaning up and simplifying your coaching business


Is your coaching business feeling a bit stuck or stagnant? Perhaps it’s feeling cluttered and messy? If so, now might be the perfect time to give it a spring clean (or an autumn refresh if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere!)

No matter how long you’ve been doing this business thing, it can be a good idea to check in and review what you have going on in your business so you can clean up, simplify and invite in some fresh energy.

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How to approach a ‘spring clean’

I’m going to list out several areas of your business to review and how to approach ‘cleaning them up’ and simplifying them so you can create more spaciousness, less overwhelm and greater ability to focus on what’s actually making a difference.


If you have more than one or two offers in your business, reviewing these can be a really helpful area to ‘declutter’. Especially if you’re like me and have a multi offer business, it can be easy to have lots of different things available for sale – and there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

However, it is worth checking in with yourself on how this feels. Are all these offers still relevant? How are they all selling? How do you feel about them and delivering them? Are you feeling a pull to simplify?

Usually if you want to create and offer more things, some space needs to be cleared to invite in something new. Maybe that’s retiring some courses or programmes, perhaps that’s shutting down a membership or taking a 1:1 offer off your website. Maybe it’s more that something about those offers needs to shift.

Either way, this is a great time to look at what’s been going on with them over the past couple of months and make some changes if they’re needed.

Client Onboarding / Offboarding

How is your client onboarding and offboarding working right now? Can it be improved or simplified? Can you list out all of the steps and the tech (see more on that below) that’s involved in each step. Does everything connect together well? Do you need all of the steps or can some be combined? Can you automate anything?

Tech stack

Your ‘tech stack’ is all of the different tech apps and programmes you use in the running of your business. For example, I use Notion, G Suite, Zoom, Convertkit, Dubsado, Thrivecart + Thrive Learn, Descript, Canva, Divi theme on my WordPress Website etc

Depending on how into tech you are, you might find that you have lots of different tech bits and pieces but don’t actually need to use them all, or perhaps you’re under utilising some of them.

Reviewing your tech stack and streamlining, optimising or otherwise better organising things can be a useful task when it comes to simplifying your business.


Now is a great time to review your business expenses! Anything that you’re not making good use of can go, or if you do have access to somethings you aren’t using but wish you could be, looking at what the barriers are to engaging with that thing can be helpful.


What does your marketing strategy look like? Is it overwhelming? Or does it feel organised and simple? Yes, marketing is a huge part of your business and it can have many moving parts, but it can also be simple and streamlined.

How effective is your marketing strategy? What’s working and what’s not? Do you need to ditch one strategy and try a new one?

Now is a great time in the year to dig into statistics and analytics, I definitely find my brain is better geared up for this kind of task once we’re out of the winter.

Diving deep into your metrics and the details you need to be aware of can be a great task as part of making decisions about what you take forward into the energetic new year.

Digital files

Right now my Dropbox and iCloud are a total mess! I have a lot of digital files all over the place and my desktop needs a good tidying up.

Part of cleaning up your digital files might be finding a home for specific areas of your work or business. For example I have some business related files in my Dropbox, but I also use Google Drive and Notion for all sorts of note taking, managing and storing things.

It might not sound like a lot, but having to manage where things are can take up a surprising amount of brain space.

Courses and programmes you own

I love my Notion course tracker, but if you don’t use something like this then taking an inventory of everything you have access to can be helpful in making sure that you’re fully aware of the resources available.

While some courses and programmes can feel overwhelming, often if we create an approach to managing them, using them and actually implementing what we learn, they can be an amazing asset.

However, if some courses and programmes simply aren’t relevant or aren’t taught in a way that works for you, as part of this process it’s totally ok to mentally or physically ‘archive’ them. Sometimes I find that the guilt of not using something I’d invested in creates an energy leak and now’s a good time to cut that off!

Energy leaks, boundaries and energy that is not your own

Finally, a further part of your business you can ‘declutter’ is your own energy that’s connected to it. Maybe it’s looking at the parts of your business where you feel your energy is ‘leaking’.

Perhaps it’s reviewing the boundaries you have in place that support you – and how you communicate those boundaries.

It could be that you look at what energy you’re carrying that isn’t your own – especially if you work with people 1:1 it can be easy to absorb a lot of their energy – their anxieties and worries especially. Doing an energy clearing or cord cutting practice can be helpful with this.

I’d love to know if you’re going to do a business declutter! Let me know in the comments below.


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