Well it’s been forever since I filmed a vlog so I thought it was about time I jumped back in front of the camera! I thought that a useful topic to chat about would be evening snacking as I’d had several people bring up this issue over the last couple of weeks. I have always struggled with evening snacking, even thinking way back, it was an issue for me.

As I say in the video, I certainly don’t believe that evening snacking is inherently bad, I actually enjoy snacking some evenings! What I don’t like is the mindless hand to mouth action when I’m watching TV or on the computer, which results in me feeling uncomfortably stuffed and bloated. Especially while I was gaining weight to tackle my amenorrhea issue, I found that I would snack on more healthy foods, but overdo it so I ended up in binge territory – however, and I want to be super clear on this – when you are in the process of gaining weight for health reasons / ED recovery, evening snacking is a good thing!

Unfortunately for those of us that are trying to lose weight, even healthy snacks eaten in excess can be troublesome. Anyway I’m going to end up repeating everything I say in the blog, here it is!


Here’s the link to the How to avoid boredom eating post I mention.

Is evening snacking an issue for you? Do you have any further tips that have helped you?

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