It’s definitely entered winter bug season. I am currently fighting off a head cold unfortunately, although I have to say I suffer from a lot less colds now than I used to. Eating a well balanced healthy diet with lots of colourful fruit and veg is the best way of keeping your immune system strong, but as I have written here on the blog many times, due to lots of different factors, food alone is sometimes not enough. Especially as we enter the holiday season, my intake of fruit and veg drops ever so slightly in favour of wine, chocolate and cheese, so I know I could do with a boost!

There’s a lot of different supplements out there that claim to support your immune system, so I was especially interested to find out more about Beta Glucans because I had never came across them before. 

So what are they and how do they work? This video helps to explain more, but basically Beta Glucans are a kind of glucose molecule derived from a very highly refined and purified version of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, or bakers yeast. There are different forms of beta glucans, some of which support the digestive system and lower cholesterol, however only the 1-3, 1-6 form of beta glucans (found in yeast) support immune function specifically. These molecules activate an immune response within the body, so when taken on a regular basis they maximise your immune systems ability to fight infection. Although beta glucans are found in yeast, these supplements are safe for people with a yeast allergy or intolerance. 

I was actually quite amazed at the body of very positive research on Beta Glucans, and therefore surprised that I had never came across them before! This most recent research shows that beta glucans reduced the number of symptomatic common cold infections.

Here in the UK, Vitalize Health produce a range of supplements containing Beta Glucans which includes:

  • Glucasan + is suitable for adults and children and contains additional vitamins and minerals. £22.99 for 60 capsules
  • Glucamune contains no additional vitamins or minerals so perfect for children and adults who already take vitamin and mineral supplements. £19.95 for 45 capsules
  • Betamune 75 has a high BG linkage suitable for those taking higher doses. £34.75 for 75 capsules

The supplements are gold screened for use by athletes and a lot of Premier League Football players take them. It’s worth remembering that although moderate exercise supports a healthy immune system, intense exercise such as marathon training, can compromise it. The supplements are available at www.vitalizehealth.co.uk, Tesco Nutricentres and Wholefoods stores.


Of course, a good diet should always come before supplements, but if you feel like you need a boost for your immune system then these could be worth a try. I’m popping a couple of capsules a day to try and fight off this cold quicker!

Have you heard of beta glucans before? How do you take care of your immune system at this time of year?

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