Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #58: #RedLipstickSelfie and Winter Salad Love


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #58: #RedLipstickSelfie and Winter Salad Love


Lentil salad with tahini and pomegranate

Hi sweetharts, hope you’ve had a lovely week! Mine has been pretty good, some of my relatives from down south have been visiting so I’ve had a couple of days out and Finley has been sleeping relatively well. I’ve actually been able to have an hour to chill with James after Finley has gone to sleep which is wonderful! He’s also been going for longer stretches of sleep so I feel more well rested than I have in a while. My aunt from Brighton makes some amazing cakes and I had a slice of her ginger cake with cream cheese icing and her stollen style cake as well and they both tasted amazing! I wish I’d took a pic. Those were my treats of the week so the rest has been a lot healthier. That salad pictured above was so good! Absolutely packed with veggies and the pomegranate seeds added such a lovely sweetness. 


Pear and ginger porridgePear and Ginger Porridge with Cashew Butter and Goji berries

M S chicken and kaleM&S Chicken and Kale from their cafe. I had this twice as it seemed to be the only have decent warm thing on the menu (we went their a couple of days in a row while we were out) It was nice though!

Squash and feta saladBig salad with quinoa, butternut squash and feta

Matcha latteHomemade matcha latte!

Quinoa blueberry bowlBlueberry quinoa breakfast bowl

Veggie scramble with fetaChard and red onion scramble topped with feta

Organic beef burger with kabocha squash and broccoliHomemade organic beef burger with kabocha squash and roast broccoli

Veggie chilli with avoVeggie chilli with avocado

I had a big organic veg box delivered on Friday so this weekend I’ll be trying to do a massive cook up!



  • Monday – Yoga Challenge – 5 minutes practice before bed
  • Tuesday – Yoga Challenge – 5 minutes practice before bed
  • Wednesday – Yoga Challenge – 5 minutes practice before bed
  • Thursday – Yoga Challenge – Mama and Baby Yoga via YouTube, 20 minute walk
  • Friday – Yoga Challenge – 5 minutes practice before bed
  • Saturday – 20 minute Yoga for Weight loss via YouTube
  • Sunday – Davina 7 minute fit tone and burn and tone and sculpt workout, 10 minute yoga workout via You Tube

This week has been a little different to usual with family visiting so I didn’t get in my gym workout which I have to admit I’ve really missed. I also had clients a few evenings this week which is when I thought I could have popped to the gym so no luck there. As my weekends are really busy I’m just fitting in short but still effective workouts to keep me going. Next week should be easier though as James is off so I’m hoping I can get to the gym at least 3 times :-)


Primark stripy jumper lookBiker jacket: Warehouse, stripy jumper: Primark, bag: Oasis, black thick leggings: H&M, black boots: Rocket Dog

Just a basic look from me, I’m going through another one of those phases where I feel like I have nothing decent to wear, which is not really the case. I think I just need a big ironing and wardrobe sorting session! I did buy that jumper from Primark in my typical stripes which I love, especially as it only cost £10!



Friday was a big day for Congenital Heart Defect awareness with The British Heart Foundation running it’s #WearItBeatIt and #RedLipstickSelfie campaign. As I’ve said many times before, we feel so lucky that Finley is a baby with a defect that was relatively easy (by CHD standards) to fix. It’s the other heart babies and their families that are in my thoughts now, I know how hard it is to deal with so God only knows how hard it is for families who have babies with worse conditions. Hopefully the campaign raised a lot of money and highlighted the need for more research into these defects. Also...

So many of you lot joining in the yoga challenge! // connecting with a Virtual Assistant, I’m ready to take the biz to a new level and it’s very exciting! // James taking Fin for a walk = a little me time bliss // massive organic apples from Infinity Foods brought up from Brighton by my uncle // having a hot bath every morning (as our shower is way too cold first thing!) // big veggie packed salads


I’m really having a thing for big veggie packed salads at the moment. Usually salads are too cold for me at this time of year but I find that adding some warm quinoa, squash or lentils makes them more appealing and I have to say I am in love with pomegranate and feta as a topping! I’m hoping the extra veggies will keep my immune system going too, so many coughs and colds seem to be doing the rounds. Even little Finley has a bit of a temperature and runny nose today bless him. 

How has your week been? What are your favourite salad add ins?

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  1. lilylipstick

    I love the idea of warm salads – it’s so cold at the moment! Sounds like you’ve had a lovely week – I’ve been trying to do your yoga challenge first thing in the morning and its definitely helping me feel more awake and ready for the day. x

  2. Nicky

    I absolutely love warm salads, even in summer! I agree about feta and pomegranate, I’ve been adding them to everything lately as I love the flavours together and they add some nice colour :)

    Love the selfie, you look gorgeous, red lippy really suits you and Finley is just too cute!! I’m definitely going through a phase of feeling like I have nothing to wear too…when I have so many clothes ha. Hopefully I’ll feel more inspired again soon rather than just living in leggings and jumpers!

    So glad to hear you’re feeling more rested lately too <3

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Nicky, I feel really naked without some kind of red lippy on! I’ve actually just been out this week and bought loads of new stuff, just want the spring to arrive now!

  3. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I need to sort out my wardrobe! I did my running drawer, and then have not got around to the rest of it.
    I love salads with sundried tomatoes on them- they add a different texture and a lovely strong flavour.

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      I need to sort out my workout clothing too, love that you have a running drawer!

  4. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    You really suit red lipstick – you look gorge!
    The cakes sound delicious as well…I’m mentally picturing them mmmm.
    My favourite salad add ins are beetroot (love it!) and roasted butternut squash. Feta is always good as well!

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks Anna, definitely with you on those salad add ins! Yum!

  5. Claire Hayhurst

    Love that pic of you and Finley Laura, you look fabulous!
    I saw a sign for that M&S chicken and kale and thought it looked delicious, perfect for the cold!

  6. Lauren (@poweredbypb)

    I just got a massive veg box delivery today so I will be having a cook up too! I almost always add omega oil/avocado and pumpking seeds to salad, I like a bit of sauerkraut and lately I’ve been loving adding roasted beet.

  7. Lauren

    Ginger cake with cream cheese icing sounds pretty epic! Looks like a great week lady :)
    With salad toppings I am have been all about roasted pumpkin and feta lately!

  8. Gluten Freed

    the meal with pomegranate seeds looks amazing – actually all your photos are fabulous. Hey I love yoga too and do salute to the sun Most/every morning.

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Thanks! That sounds like a perfect way to start the day :-)


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