April Edit


April Edit


April edit

I’ve been enjoying some fabulous stuff this month! As usual, here is my edit of awesomeness…

1. Open Shoulder Stripy Dress – I LOVE this dress, but not just the dress also the open shoulder trend in general. I love that I can still have most of my arms covered but show some of my tattoo off. Also my shoulders are probably my favourite body part!

2. Viridian Pro Care Synbiotic Capsules* – these are some good quality probiotics! Each capsule provides over 12.5 billion good bacteria to support your gut. I really need to get back into fermented foods, but until then these have been keeping my gut healthy

3. Campoluce Organic Chianti* – available from Skinny Booze (who specialise in low calorie, organic and low sulphur alcoholic drinks) this wine is just delicious and amazing quality. I love a good glass of red occasionally, and this is a total upgrade!

4. Nakd Bakewell Tart Bars – OMG!! these are quite simply amazeballs! If you see them, buy as many bars as you can they are just delicious and really healthy. Perfect snack for when you need a sweet hit! I’ll be buying a case of them very soon! 

5. Acorelle Cleansing Oil – I got this as part of my Love Lula monthly subscription box and it’s such a great product. It removes make up really well, smells wonderful and leaves my skin feeling clean and moisturised.

6. Tasty Little Numbers Dark Chocolate Biscuit Bar* – These bars are under 100 calories, gluten free and don’t have a really bad ingredients list (although not clean eating as I would class it). What I have enjoyed about these is that they just hit the spot when you need that chocolate crunch. My Mam and James really enjoyed the milk chocolate and white chocolate versions too.

7. Natur Boutique Freeze Dried Pineapple* – I really love all the freeze dried fruit snacks that have been appearing recently. The texture of freeze dried fruit is completely different to the traditional kind, it has far more crunch and gives a crisp like hit when you are craving it. Totally loved this pineapple version, so delicious!

8. Nadine Spread Me Chocolate with Olive Oil* – It’s a little random how I came to get this but I’m working with Expedia on a blog post about Croatian Cuisine (coming soon) and they kindly sent me a huge box of Croatian goodies, including this wonderful chocolate spread with olive oil. I don’t think it’s that healthy, but it sure does taste good! It has an amazing texture and I think I prefer it to Nutella, so yummy and amazing in porridge! You could probably find it in speciality food shops. 

Have you tried any of these products? What’s would be in your Edit this month?

Items marked * are PR samples which I received with no obligation to feature 



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  1. Lucy

    The stripy dress is lovely, and very wearable too. When you mentioned the chocolate spread with olive oil the other day, I thought ‘what the heck is that and where can I get some?!’ It sounds so rich and gorgeous, yummy!

    She’s So Lucy

  2. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    That Viridian procare is the best probiotic I’ve ever used, I need to get some more of it actually as it was really helping me.

  3. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    That stripy dress is gorgeous and I’m with you four million per cent on the Bakewell Tart bars!

  4. Lauren

    I used to use viridian probiotics when I was in the UK and they were really good. I still need to get my hands on a bake well tart nakd bar. Sadly it might have to wait until we come home to visit in August. I think I will be filling up half my hand luggage with nakd bars and meridian nut butters!

  5. lilylipstick

    I still haven’t had a bakewell tart – Nakd Bar! I’m off to Be:Fit on Saturday and really hope they have some there! x

  6. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Can’t wait to start rocking out some summer dresses again (without tights!!)
    Like the sound of those mini-chos too :-)

  7. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I started taking that Viridian probiotic after seeing it on Lauren’s blog- it is hard to tell how much it helps, but I did feel a bit run down after all the marathon training so I think it’s a good idea.
    I LOVE nakd bakewell bars- when I ordered the mix of nibbles I got a case of that too as they are so good, and perfect for leaving in your bag for a few days until you need one.
    I love teeny chocolate bars like that- sometimes if they are on offer I buy the little Green and Blacks bars- they are about 15g each I think, but perfect for when you want a little bit of chocolate.


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