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This post has been a long time coming! Recently I’ve had quite a few emails from lovely ladies who have been struggling with Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) or loss of periods. Long time readers of the blog will know that this is something I struggled with before I became pregnant and had Finley.

If you aren’t familiar with it, HA is a condition where the normal menstrual cycles stop in women due to some form of stress, be that due to over exercise, lack of nutrition or another form of stress on the body.

I decided to record a (monster) vlog talking through my story. It is a bit long, but this is a pretty chunky subject, so here we go:

Apologies for the constant sniffing, I was just getting over my cold!

I really hope that was helpful for those of you out there struggling with this. To quickly recap the key points:

  • My HA came on due to over exercise, not eating enough and lots of stress. I was also on the pill which I stopped. I believe that the pill masked symptoms and I would have become aware of issues much earlier had I not been on the pill. I hate the pill and as I say in the video I think it can fuck you up!
  • I tried eating more, a more varied diet, lots of healthy, and not so healthy, calorie dense foods, reducing stress and reducing exercise. I also tried temping, acupuncture and seed cycling.
  • After several months I didn’t see any improvements so started the medical route
  • I started clomid which did not work after several cycles
  • Tried the clomid extended protocol and on the third round ovulated and immediately fell pregnant (although I believe additional weight gain and relaxation contributed to this and could have caused me to ovulate myself)

Here are some links to some excellent resources and some of the things I mention in the vlog:

Now some of my posts:

I really do hope that is helpful for anyone struggling with this. For so long I thought it was something I’d never overcome. Ideally I would have managed to fix it naturally, but I have no regrets in having used medical assistance to get pregnant. 

Have you ever experienced hormonal imbalance? What are your views on the pill? How in tune with your body do you feel?



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