Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #75: Toddles and Yurts


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #75: Toddles and Yurts



I hope you are all enjoying a happy sunny Sunday! This week has been a bit of another crazy one for me. I started the week giving little mini motivational presentations to some Year 9’s as a lead in to a community project I’ll be starting in September, then I ended up feeling quite poorly later in the week with a sore throat, then I managed to get myself well again, just in time to enjoy the lush weather at the end of the week and Finley’s sponsored Toddle (part of the route pictured above). Eats have been a little less planned than usual after the upheaval of having work done in the flat, but still pretty healthy!


Blueberry oatsBlueberry porridge with almond butter

Berry almond butter smoothieBerry and almond butter smoothie

Crustless quiche with avocadoCrustless quiche with avocado

Roast chicken leg healthy lunchOn the go lunch at the school on Monday – roast chicken legs, veggies, apple and cashews

Chicken salad with tahini dressingChicken salad with tahini and apple cider vinegar dressing

Smoothie bowlChoc cherry smoothie bowl with various toppings

Mackerel saladVeggie packed mackerel salad

Avocado on plantain breadHome made plantain bread topped with avocado

As I said I didn’t get much planning done at the weekend but I did manage to buy a pre roasted chicken for a couple of meals and throw together a quick crustless quiche. Treats this week have included a homemade apple crumble cupcake and a Magnum chocolate ice lolly!



  • Monday – 2.4 mile run
  • Tuesday – 10 minutes yoga
  • Wednesday – Metafit workout, 1 hour walk (with Finley in the sling)
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – 3 mile run

So I guess you all know my feelings about running after my post earlier in the week! We actually almost ended up doing our first parkrun yesterday, but James is now poorly so we gave it a miss and I’m going to do my scheduled 3 miles this morning. Ergh ;-)


Floral and denim outfitDenim shirt: Warehouse, floral vest: H&M, combat style pants: New Look, silver flip flops: Accessorize

It was SO hot on Friday. I wore this to take Fin to Stay and Play but quickly tied up my hair and removed the shirt! I do love those pants though.


Stay and play at yurt

On Friday we went to a Stay and Play session in an amazing Yurt at a nearby park. We went with our mama friends and their babas and had a really lovely time. I’m thinking of hiring it out for Finley’s 1st birthday in August. So much fun! Also…

My gorgeous new bathroom! // beautiful new wooden kitchen worktops // an afternoon with my two best friends full of belly laughs and cups of builders tea // the sponsored toddle at Finley’s nursery where he won best dressed in his group // the quite simply wonderful ladies in the Fabulous YOU Facebook Group – you know who you are! // brushing up my photography skills and planning to improve my Instagram with the Blogging Your Way course // treating myself to a neti pot and aroma diffuser!


Next week I have my ‘me’ day scheduled and OMG I can not wait! I plan to sleep for most of it :-) This week has not been a great sleep week unfortunately!

How has your week been? What food do you enjoy in the warmer weather? I’ve been going smoothie crazy! Have you ever been inside a Yurt?



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  1. emma

    We stayed in a yurt for our wedding anniversary a few years ago. It was just outside york, owned by a lovely couple who had maybe 4 yurts and a caravan on their land. We had a 3 course meal and a bottle of champagne delivered to us on their quad bike! And later in the evening we sat round their campfire with them. Great memories.

  2. Pip {Cherries & Chisme}

    Oh my gosh wasn’t Friday just so hot? I braved the bare legs for the first time this summer!
    Weirdly I haven’t even made one smoothie yet, I think it’s because I never have much fruit in the house other than bananas… Must stop being lazy!

  3. Cat

    Haha I literally checked out the Hightea Cast earlier this week after reading your recommendation and was so happy to hear you on it! They sound like fun ladies ;)

    Ok that yurt looks so fun even as an adult!

  4. Alex

    The 1200 Calories article is fantastic! Thanks for sharing it.

  5. Kezia

    I nearly got married in a yurt but alas worked out too pricey :) a me day sounds fab – you should def sleep through it!

  6. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I am so excited that you have registered for parkrun! Don’t forget your barcode! I hope you love it- I really think that running with others, of all abilities etc, will spark a love of running. It is so much more enjoyable than going out alone, plus normally they have lovely scenery too.
    The toddle sounds like such a lovely idea :) We did stay and play sessions at school this year for phonics and maths, and they were really popular- it was good for the parents to see what sorts of things we do in school each day.

  7. Sarah Mallinson

    Hope you have an amazing time during your “me” day, you deserve it! :)

    Love those pants too!

  8. Lauren

    That yurt looks amazing!
    The community project sounds great. It must be so fun and rewarding teaching young teenagers about healthy living :)
    Your eats look fabulous as always and your treats sound yummy. Apple crumble cupcake – hello!

  9. Lucy

    You had some delicious looking meals this week, they all look so bright and vibrant looking too, yum! I’ve been getting a bit of a sore throat and stuffy nose over the past few days but that’s been because it’s been such a high pollen count – damn hay fever.
    Enjoy your big ‘me’ day this week, and I hope you manage to get plenty more sleep!

    She’s So Lucy

  10. lilylipstick

    I love your outfit! Enjoy your “me” day – it sounds like its well deserved! I was in Lisbon at the weekend and it was so hot but managed to track down some cooling green juices and a sneaky coffee ice cream too! x

  11. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Ahh what a shame you missed parkrun. But the great thing is there’s always another weekend!
    The yurt thing looks so cool – I wish I was a kid again! I just remember playing in the MacDonald’s ball pit haha.
    I love the pre-roasted chicken as a treat when I don’t have time to roast my own. So handy and delicious.

  12. Lauren (@PoweredbyPB)

    I absolutely love my diffuser, even the other half likes it! Such a good investment!


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