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Happy Sunday lovely readers, I hope you are having a fabulous weekend! Thankfully that horrid cold I had last week has almost gone. I started feeling better last Sunday so this week has improved on last week! I’ve been really busy and working hard but have also found some time for lots of other things too, like clothes shopping, seeing my Sister and catching up with friends.


IMG 8921Choc cherry spinach smoothie bowl topped with coconut, bee pollen and chia seed mix

IMG 8879Peach scramble with peanut butter

IMG 8978Cherry kale and vanilla protein smoothie

IMG 8890Pret Salad

IMG 8915Baked chicken thigh with new potatoes and broccoli

IMG 8861Thai red chicken curry with brown rice and steamed kale


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  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – 15 minutes strength yoga from Yoga Studio App
  • Wednesday – Rest (unless you count shopping as cardio)
  • Thursday – 1.5 mile run
  • Friday – Rest
  • Saturday – Rest
  • Sunday – was meant to be 3 mile run but now – REST

Well I had wanted to ease back into running this week and go for a 3 mile run today, however my body has other ideas. I’ve pulled a muscle in my ribs around my left side due to coughing when I’ve been poorly and it is SO painful! It hadn’t actually been too bad and I was all ready to go out and run this morning when I coughed and it was excruciating. That cough seems to have made it worse and now I can’t move without being in pain. Grrr!  


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On my shopping trip this week I went a little braver than usual and got a culotte jumpsuit (this one from Oasis)! I first picked it up because I thought it was a dress, but then thought why not go for the culottes! I really love it as it shows off my curves and will be great for my birthday next month.  I also got the most beautiful patterned top from Warehouse as well.


IMG 8836

So proud of James doing the Great North 10k last weekend! He’s only started running in the last few months and he’s doing so well. The whole day was brilliant as Fin and I and James sister Katy all went along to support him. The atmosphere was great, I’ve never actually spectated at a race and really enjoyed it. Also…

All your comments on my wordy post, you guys are awesome beyond words // having some pics of Finley and I taken for the new website! // getting my hair blow dried and styled // painting my nails // sitting outside drinking iced coffee with my friend // seeing my sister and talking new homes // Florence and the Machines new album


How has your week been? Does your partner exercise? Have you ever been a spectator at a race? 



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