10 ways to feel more fabulous in less than 10 seconds flat

Lifestyle, Self Care, wellbeing

10 ways to feel more fabulous in less than 10 seconds flat

Lifestyle, Self Care, wellbeing

10 ways to feel more fabulous

Ladies, I am sitting here writing this post with the most chronic back pain from bruised ribs, feeling like I could do with a caffeine IV drip plus it’s grey and chucking it down outside. Yep, it’s just one of those days, but I try not to let these kind of things impact my fabulousness when I can.

There are things you can do that will very quickly add a little fabulousness to your life, all in less than 10 seconds flat! Here are my faves…

1. Apply red lipstick – instant fabulousness right there!

2. Pop on a colourful jewelled statement necklace.

3. Take a deep breath and stand, or sit up tall.

4. Drink a glass of water – simple but effective.

5. Listen to your favourite uplifting song – keep it on your phone so you can play it as soon as you need a kick up the bum!

6. Think of 3 things you are grateful for.

7. Search ‘Scotland’s National Animal’ on Google – trust me!

8. Light a scented candle, Neom are my absolute fave.

9. Spritz on your favourite perfume.

10. Add some sparkle – I love using illuminating cream like this one from Nourish (really great dabbed in the corner of the eyes and on cheek bones) or for the body, NUXE Shimmer body oil

So far today I’ve done number 3, 4, 6, 7 and 8! 

What quick to-do things make you feel more fabulous?



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  1. Lauren

    Definitely just searched Scotland’s National Animal – how funny :)
    Sorry to hear you are not feeling great, I hope your bruising heals soon and you are OK!
    Love this list, red lipstick always makes me feel fabulous too. Dancing around to an upbeat song is always a winner too :)

  2. Andrea

    Awww, Scotland’s National Animal… how amazing is this! I love Scotland for this :-)
    I agree with Lauren, dancing around is an all-time favourite of mine. Especially while cooking in the kitchen. The perfect time to practice my craziest dance moves – and there are some “stripper moves” in the mix as well, not gonna lie ;-)
    And if you have access to a baby – make him / her smile or laugh. This makes me feel like the most fabulous and funny and cool person in the world. Never fails.
    I hope you are feeling better soon! How did you end up with bruised ribs? The weather here in Ireland is awful, too. I even saw the leaves on some of the trees in front of my house change their colour! It’s autumn!

  3. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    Haha just searched for Scotland’s National Animal and it definitely brightened my day! Fab tips Laura :)

  4. Lucy

    Oh God, I hope you’re alright Laura! Like the other ladies who have already commented, I had to Google ‘Scotland’s National Animal’ – say what?! Amazing! I feel rather cool to be half Scottish now ;)
    I definitely recommend a bright lipstick or just playing some of your favourite music. A big fowl of fresh fruit is always uplifting too I find, yum.

    She’s So Lucy

  5. Judy

    I feel more fabulous after Yoga. If possible I will workout for an hour, but if I’m pressed for time some sun salutations will do.

    I hear ya on the red lipstick. I just pleasantly discovered a red lipstick I received as a gift months ago, actually looks fabulous on me. Unexpected, I like that!

    Hope you’re feeling better soon Laura!

  6. Alex

    Why does everyone look so shocked when they Google that animal? It’s on the front of our passports!

  7. Pip {Cherries & Chisme}

    Hahaha I did the Google search too, love it!

    Sorry you’re not feeling too great, I feel you on the caffeine IV… if you find one could you send it my way too? ;)
    It takes a little longer but when I feel crappy, taking a nice shower and the time to wash and blow dry my hair makes me feel a million times better. I shall be doing that later on today!

  8. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Haha oh that’s cool about the Scotland thing. Well, why not!
    Definitely the uplifting music is something I use when I feel a bit “meh”. Though it also works the other way – a sad song can fully depress you!!

  9. lilylipstick

    I just hit Google too – who would have thought! Number 1 always works for me, too. x

  10. nadia

    I don’t do enough of any of the things you mentioned! Really need to start treating myself a little…and breathing!

  11. AnnaA

    Try Olbas Oil on your aches and pains. It sounds mad but does work! Hope you feel better soon.

  12. Elise

    Of course I had to google Scotland’s national animal, bloody brilliant! I’ll be passing that one on.

    If I’m feeling a bit blah, I force myself to do 5 sun salutations. I’m guaranteed to feel better after. Also a hot cup of tea never hurts.

    I hope you feel better soon. I must try the red lippy trick, that would for sure get me out of a slump!

  13. Louise (@louliveswell)

    Yoga works for me! Or watching a silly film or boxset with a cup of tea and slice of cake :) Or if I am feeling a bit blurgh or tired, a super duper green smoothie sorts me out! Lx

  14. Maria @ runningcupcake

    Talking of Scotland’s national animal (This week Tonight with John Oliver even has a mascot for them)- google North Korea unicorn…..

  15. Bexx

    Bookmarking this for when I need a pick-me-up! Pink lipstick for me though :) x


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