Feed Your Inner Smile

collaborations, wellbeing

Feed Your Inner Smile

collaborations, wellbeing


Here at Wholeheartedly Healthy, I’m all about the benefits of taking care of yourself inside and out, and the huge impact that has in your overall happiness. My friends at Activia take a similar view to health and wellbeing and are bringing it to the masses with their new campaign for 2016, Feed Your Inner Smile.

So what’s Feed Your Inner Smile all about? Well we all know how rubbish we feel if we’re unwell or have poor digestion or some other health complaint, if you’re not happy on the inside it can be very hard to be happy on the outside too. This campaign is about celebrating how great you feel when you take good care of yourself inside and out. 

This is a great message to be bringing to such a wide audience and you’ll know if you’ve been reading this blog for a while how much that message means to me too. 

For me, feeding your inner smile through self care like prioritising healthy food, the odd guilt free treat, getting some exercise, pampering yourself and getting enough sleep is the magic that makes you able to enjoy each day more. I know that my healthy lifestyle enables me to live life to the fullest, things like having the energy to enjoy playing with Finley and go out and see friends are really important to me.

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Activia are working with myself and other bloggers to share our stories and tips on how to feed your inner smile.

My biggest overall tip is actually about mindset rather than nutrition. Having the mindset that your health and wellbeing matters, and that your self care is important, lays the foundation for all other healthy habits. Make yourself a priority today!

You can read more of my tips over on the Activia UK website.

I’d love to know what ‘feed your inner smile’ means to you. How do you take care of your digestion? What do you do to ensure you keep yourself healthy and happy?

*post in collaboration with Activia UK

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  1. Maria B

    I think not thinking about food as much as possible is the way to go, as it just gets stressful and that is not going to help you feel good about yourself. Finding things you enjoy and doing those is what we all need to do, instead of trying to live up to these perfect images we see everywhere.


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