dirty chai latte

You guys know I’m a total coffee nut, but besides coffee the other hot drink I love is chai tea. I’m a big fan of the rich, spicy chai lattes you can get from coffee shops so when I discovered there was such a thing as a Dirty Chai (i.e. coffee and chai latte have a beautiful baby) I knew I had to try one!

I’m not ashamed to say the last two and a bit years I’ve pretty much been fuelled by pure caffeine to help me get through the exhaustion of sleep deprivation. Coffee has had mixed press recently, it used to be very much in the unhealthy camp, but then people started adding coconut oil to it (me included) and it became a health food. Like with most foods, I think it’s healthiness really comes down to how often you have it and your relationship with it. I’ve really started to notice its negative effects on me, things like jitters and anxiety, really not good! But, I love my coffee and all attempts at quitting have not gone down well, so I’ve looked into the best ways to enjoy it in a healthier way. 

  • ♥ Drink your coffee with food to limit its impact on blood sugar levels
  • ♥ Limit to one a day in the morning to limit impact on sleep
  • ♥ Go for the best quality you can find (organic would be best)
  • ♥ Add cinnamon (in chai spices!) to help sweeten naturally and support blood sugar levels

I’m currently working on the one-a-day, after breakfast thing, wish me luck!

But back to this recipe. Adding the coffee to the chai latte not only gives it a caffeine kick, it adds a deep, earthy taste that works really well with the chai spices. If you already like coffee then drinking it with a chai twist is a delicious and very autumnal way to enjoy it.

dirty chai latte

In fact it’s super hygge of course!

This is a really simple recipe and you can make it with filter coffee or a shot of espresso.

dirty chai latte

Dirty Chai Latte
Serves 2
  1. 2 vanilla / herbal chai tea bags
  2. 2-4 tablespoons ground coffee (or 2 shots of espresso)
  3. 250ml milk (I used almond milk)
  4. 1-2 tablespoons maple syrup (or other sweetener)
  5. Chai spice mix or ground cinnamon
  1. If using a french press add the coffee to the press and tear open the tea bags, adding the tea to the press along with the coffee. Top up with water (in a large press I fill about half way) and leave to brew.
  2. While the coffee / tea is brewing up, warm the milk and froth it using a whisk or milk frother.
  3. Divide the coffee / tea between two mugs and add the maple syrup. Top up each cup with the hot frothy milk and finish with a sprinkle of chai spice or cinnamon.
Wholeheartedly Laura https://wholeheartedlylaura.com/

Give this a try and get your hygge on!

Do you enjoy chai? What’s your relationship with coffee and caffeine like?