Lékué how to eat well: quick, fast and easy #MyLekue


Lékué how to eat well: quick, fast and easy #MyLekue


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As a busy mum, finding time to prepare healthy food is a challenge I’m always working on. Most of the time I’m able to plan ahead and do my Sunday cook up, but as soon as life gets in the way it becomes a struggle to make sure me and the rest of the family are eating enough vegetables and whole healthy foods rather than meals out of packets.

Whilst I’m all about balance I often get frustrated that I’ve had to go for a less healthy convenience option, especially when I have the ingredients in the fridge or cupboard but just not the time to cook it.

Lékué are a kitchen solutions brand who have looked at how we cook and eat and have created products to make eating healthily while you’re busy a doddle. To put them to the test I was asked to create a whole day of meals using their products to see how much time I saved. 


To make breakfast I used the Lékué grain cooker to make some porridge. It only took 4 minutes to cook in the microwave to cook some rich and creamy oats.

lekue review

I added chopped apple, pecans and cinnamon for a really quick and delicious breakfast, perfectly suited for warming you up on a cold morning!


For lunch I decided to use the Lékué Spanish omelette maker. I was really hoping it would work well as eggs and veggies can make such a quick, healthy meal. 

lekue review

I made a sweet potato, red onion and feta omelette in less than 10 minutes. I peeled and thinly sliced a sweet potato, placed it in the omelette maker and cooked for 3 minutes until softened. Then I added half a finely sliced red onion, 3 whisked eggs and some crumbled feta into the omelette maker and microwaved for a further 4 minutes before turning the maker over and cooking for a further minute. Served with some baby kale it made a really tasty lunch.


When I received the Lékué popcorn maker I couldn’t resist making some for a snack!

lekue review

This was such a revelation! I just added a handful of popcorn kernels to the popcorn maker and microwaved for 2 minutes – Finley loved hearing the popcorn pop! Then I melted 2 tbsp of organic butter and mixed with 2 tablespoons of coconut sugar and a tsp of ground cinnamon. I poured the brown butter mix over the popcorn and tossed it together with a large spoon. Wow this tasted so good! It’s a new obsession of mine now, plus popcorn is a good high fibre wholegrain so makes a good snack or dessert.


For dinner I had some chicken curry already prepared but wanted to add some veggies to it. This is something that often happens to me, I have a main meal prepared but want to add some veggies to the side and then can’t be bothered to get the steamer out to make them. This amazing steam case really did the trick!

lekue review

I sliced up some kale, carrots and brussel sprouts and added some water to the bottom then microwaved for 4 minutes. All of the veggies were cooked to perfection! 

lekue review

I can see myself using this steamer a lot, I was very impressed with how tender but not soggy the vegetables turned out to be. You can even add fish and chicken and steam cook it at the same time as the vegetables for a really healthy meal.

To recap, I used:

Rice and grain cooker

Spanish omelette maker

Popcorn maker

Steam case

I was really impressed with the products from Lékué. They’re all BPA-free, high grade silicone and are reasonably priced, especially when you consider how useable they are. They’re also dishwasher-friendly which is super helpful for me. As well as products like these which are used in the microwave they also do products for use in the oven as well as cake decorating tools and kitchen utensils.

Do you struggle with time and being able to cook healthy food? Would you give these kinds of kitchen gadgets a try?

*post in collaboration with Lékué

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    Oooh very interesting! A bit like Lakeland!

  2. Maria B

    Sounds great! I was looking for a popcorn maker for Andy as he makes it in a pan but it must be easier to use a microwave.


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