The mind body connection: how to get out of your head and into your body

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  1. Lauren

    I can definitely struggle with being way too in my head. These ideas you suggested are all awesome and all are things that help me get into my body! I need to dance more…Dancing around and letting the music move you is such a good one, I love it!

  2. AnnaTheApple

    I think this is so interesting. I read the article you linked to as well – fascinating stuff. There’s definitely a lot to be learned from making sure you’re more a “whole” person than just someone residing in a body.

  3. LilyLipstick

    Such an interesting read (both your post and the Guardian article). I work in a job which is very much sitting at a desk and (supposedly) using my brain all day so even silly things like dancing around my flat alone are actually feel helpful for making me feel like a whole person and not just a “detached brain”!!

  4. Sayali Kamat

    I recently started running. Really inspired to get and stay fit from your blog.
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