Getting Connected: the shifts and changes in my wellbeing

Lifestyle, wellbeing

Getting Connected: the shifts and changes in my wellbeing

Lifestyle, wellbeing

So a couple of weeks ago I wrote a big, long blog post about where I was with a lot of things, and today I want to continue this and talk a little more about some of the shifts and changes that have been going on around my wellbeing and what I’m learning in the process.

As I said in that post, spirituality is something that I’m connecting with a lot these days. I was really into it all when I was a teenager and then it faded into the background until a couple of years ago when I was going through my hard times, as well as being reintroduced to it via my old boss who is a Reiki Master and as woo as that sounds she’s actually very down to Earth. The biggest shifts I’ve experienced recently have been through my spiritual practice and learning how much power I have, especially during times I felt powerless.

I’ve read a lot of great books on various topics – #HigherSelfie and Material Girl Mystical World are a brilliant place to start, but what I’ve found more and more is that the magic happens when I deepen my relationship with myself – something I’ve been doing through my mindset work. 

Speaking of mindset work, I’m not kidding when I say this stuff is a game changer. It’s not only changed my relationship with food, it’s changed how I interact with myself and life in general. It’s being able to trust yourself, to really care for yourself and treat yourself – and others – with compassion. The Mindset Makeover Course is open to join this week so do check that out if you feel inspired!

Something that’s been a huge shift for me is giving myself permission to be unapologetic about what I want in life and what brings me joy, thanks to learning about manifesting and the Law of Attraction via books like The Secret, Abraham Hicks and much of what Jess Lively speaks about in her podcast (if LoA doesn’t resonate with you, maybe check out that podcast as I really like the way Jess presents that information). I see many women who don’t know what makes them happy and I feel like so many of us just become numb to our own desire, or cast it off like it’s something to be ashamed of. For me, realising that no one else is responsible for my happiness – especially not my parents, my husband or my child – and that I’m the only one responsible for making me happy, has been life changing.

Something interesting that just happened a couple of weeks ago was visualising what I wanted my life to look and feel like and realising it was literally right there for me to accept, I was the one getting in my own way and not just bloody doing it! I was also struck by how simple it was – I’ve blogged before about connecting with my own version of success, I’m not looking for fame and millions of pounds, my desires are so simple (although I do want to write a Wholeheartedly book and that’s a big scary goal!) sometimes I wonder if that’s been the block all along! 

When I wrote it out as a list, things like starting the day with yoga, being outside more, more empty time to just be, etc. are no-brainers but I hadn’t been doing them! That was a wake up call for me to just reach out and accept that life that I want, get out of my own way and just do it. But I appreciate it’s the mindset work I’ve done up until now that makes the ‘doing it’ easier now that I’ve realised what the doing it actually is, if that makes sense!

So what does this all look like in a practical sense in my life?…

Breaking down the reasons why I wasn’t starting the day with yoga (or exercise), making a couple of shifts (like having my workout clothes and a choice of workout planned) and then just doing it.

Reading the tarot daily. Whether you want to go down the woo road or not, for me tarot cards are like the ultimate self development tool kit. Susannah Conway calls them ’78 mirrors’ because of their capacity to reflect back to us so much of ourselves. I love the Starchild Tarot but have my eye on the Wild Unknown Deck too. I find the symbols, themes and archetypes of the tarot really fun to work with so each day I shuffle, pull a card and then write down what I intuitively feel, then check out Biddy Tarot for the ‘book’ meaning making notes in my journal. Speaking of…

Journalling is my favourite wellbeing tool ever! Learning how to bullet journal in a way that suits me has been so helpful. I track habits, my cycle and the moon cycle, how I feel in my body, gratitude, my tarot card and a few other mindset prompts. Reflection and planning are so helpful for me when it comes to my wellbeing.

Tracking my cycle and living my life by it has been a revelation. After I lost my periods for two years I am genuinely over the moon each time I bleed, it’s like a sign that all is well! Reading the books of Lisa Lister has helped me see how using my cycle can make me healthier and happier and while I appreciate it can be hard for many women to rest when on their periods, for me learning more about how I feel during different phases in my cycle has been so helpful.

Most importantly – forgiving myself when I miss or skip doing these things as life ebbs and flows.

None of us are ever going to have this stuff 100% figured out and that’s ok, we’re allowed to fuck up because that’s the only way we grow and develop. I like to think of it as collecting fuck ups because the more I screw up the closer I’m getting to a shift!

Hopefully you can see where the links between spirituality and wellbeing link up for me – when I feel deeply connected (for me that’s to nature, the Universe and myself) I am more likely to eat well, move my body, relax, not stress, feel empowered, etc. and then the more I do those things the more deeply connected I feel. 

Do you have any kind of spiritual practice? What helps you feel connected?

P.S Reminder that this is the last week you can join the Mindset Makeover Course. We start on Monday 5th June and would love to have you join us!

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