How to use a bullet journal for health and wellbeing

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  1. Ravacholle

    This sounds very interesting when you want something that’s tailored for you. It does look very easy too! I specifically love the graph of habit trackers, it would be very useful to me. I was looking forward this post and I’m really keen on trying this thing out. As always, thanks for the great ideas, Laura!

  2. Jackie Walker

    I’ve been using a bullet journal since Jan 1st and have found it really helpful and I especially like the habit tracker. It’s great to see at a glance what is working and what needs to improve.
    Thanks for a great post as always,

  3. Jules Budd

    I tried this a few weeks ago by checking out bullet journals on Pinterest but found the really arty ones a bit intimidating. I felt like they’d take me ages to even write out let alone competed any of the tasks. I love your simple, real life version. This evening I dug out my notebook again and am going to give it a go. Thanks, Laura, great post as always. x

  4. AnnaTheApple

    I don’t really get this… is it just an elaborately design to-do list?? I’ve looked on the website but it just seems a bit convoluted. I have the Wunderlist app on my phone and that has been a lifesaver for me. I think this Bullet thing is just a bit too much of a faff for me! I’d forget what bullet points I’d need for different things. Looks cool though but it’s not for me I think!

  5. Lucy Birchall

    Laura, I love your handwriting haha! I’ve never really looked into bullet journals, and whilst I like to think of myself as pretty organised, I don’t think I’m organised enough to do something like start one up. However, I like the idea of tracking your habits/mood etc and that’s something I want to keep more on top of and see if it links with anything else I’ve tracked that day..
    She’s So Lucy // Health, Wellness & Beauty


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