5 Things January

Lifestyle, Self Care

5 Things January

Lifestyle, Self Care

5 Things January

by Jan 17, 2018Lifestyle, Self Care2 comments

I thought I’d start up a bit of a random new blog series called 5 things where I share, you guessed it, five totally random things going on in my life right now. I’m sure this isn’t an original idea in blogland but I can’t remember where I’ve seen it previously to give them a shout out unfortunately. Anyway, here we go…

#1 I made some websites

I really love designing and creating things and starting to do websites as part of my business mentoring makes me very happy.

Here’s Paula’s awesome site at Be Happy Be Bright Be You

Helena’s at This Mama Rocks

And Luisa’s at Luisa Skinner

Check all these amazing ladies out, they’re doing some wonderful things! A website is a person’s home on the internet and having that feel like them and communicate what they want to communicate is really key and I blimmen well love it!

#2 Reece’s Peanut Butter Cookies

I’m not sure if these have been out for a while or not but I discovered them in my local Co op and was very excited! They are amazing and even better I was rather chuffed that I was able to eat them slowly over a few days instead of eating them all at once.

#3 I ran a retreat

Last weekend I ran a brilliant retreat with my friend Jo from Happy Yoga Newcastle (check out her Youtube channel if you’re not local to us in the North East). We held it at Slaley Hall in Northumberland and it was just fabulous. There’s always something special when you get a bunch of women together.

#4 I’m really loving my wardrobe right now

I’ve blogged about my wardrobe and creating a capsule wardrobe a couple of times now and over the winter I feel like I’ve refined it to a new level. My sister bought me the brilliant book The Curated Closet as a Christmas gift and that has really helped me to identify my style (which is Parisian Rock Goddess Chic in case you ask) I’ve been loving the clothes from Hush and And Other Stories a lot and found the most awesome pair of biker boots from M&S!

#5 I’m going to London

It’s James 40th birthday in February and we’re having a little jaunt to London together to celebrate! If anyone has any recommendations for gluten free cafes in Central London (for him not me) that would be super helpful.

So there you have it, 5 random things from my life right now! How about you, what random goings on do you have to share with me?

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  1. Pip

    This sounds like such an awesome start to the year Laura!

    Central(ish) is Niche, a gluten free restaurant in Angel (never been but it looks amazing!) and Beyond Bread, a gluten free cafe/bakery in Islington – only tried their brioche so far and it’s DIVINE. The best gf bread I’ve tasted so I’m sure their cakes etc. are equally wonderful! x


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