How to choose your niche if you’re multi-passionate

Behind the Scenes, Business

How to choose your niche if you’re multi-passionate

Behind the Scenes, Business

One of the struggles I hear most often as a business mentor for coaches and other online entrepreneurs is that they can’t seem to get clarity on their niche. A lot of us (me included!) are naturally multi-passionate – we have a lot of interests and passions and find it super hard to narrow down what we do in our businesses.

We hear business gurus say we need to have an ultra focused niche to create a profitable business, but when we do try and get that focus, we feel a little unfulfilled in the process – there’s just so much more we want to say and share!

In my experience ‘niching pressure’ can create a number of issues:

  • You procrastinate and don’t move your business forward because you can’t find the perfect niche or message. You keep coming back to your niche over and over again trying to get it ‘right’
  • You decide on a niche but then struggle to feel creative when it comes to creating marketing content and therefore, aren’t consistent.
  • You feel get massive FOMO (fear of missing out) when you see other business owners or coaches sharing content or programmes in one of your other passions

None of these are very helpful when you want to help more people, make more money and enjoy yourself in the process!

Of course, some coaches and online entrepreneurs can work with a niche really easily, but what if you find it hard? Is your business doomed?

Not at all! You just need to change the way you think about and approach niching for your business.

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Here’s a few truths:

  • Procrastinating around your niche is going to do more long term damage to your business success than just going for it and allowing it to naturally evolve.
  • People want to do business with people especially when it comes to coaching – where people will be working personally with you. What’s just as important as niching is being you in your business and creating those deep connections with people who get you.
  • Most niches have been done to death anyways – let’s face it, there’s a lot of health / life / self love / self care / career coaches out there. There’s a lot of coaching programmes and online courses that will teach you the same things. But what makes the difference as to whether people buy from or choose to work with you – is you (and your message and approach)

So how can we do niching in a different way that enables you to have some clarity, but also enjoy your creativity and passion without it feeling like a distraction?

This is my Wholehearted approach to niche which I teach in my Unboxed Guide to Niche and Messaging:

Here’s how it works:

You can afford to have a broader ‘niche’ as long as you get more specific the closer to the sale you get. This might mean you share information on a range of topics in your content marketing – but when you get to your coaching programme or other products you’re crystal clear on:

what problems it solves for people, how it solves those problems and why having those problems solved will make your ideal clients lives better.

Check out this video where I talk more about this different approach to niching:

What’s important for this approach to work is that no matter what topic you might want to share, essentially your ideal client is the same person but perhaps at a different stage of their journey. They’re going to share some of these interests with you. If you feel like you have two completely different ideal clients – that’s where (and I can say this from experience) you might run into trouble because you basically have two separate businesses going on.

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So here’s an example of how you can have a broader niche: let’s say you’re a self care coach who’s also really passionate about spirituality, minimalism and mental health as well. You might have spent months trying to narrow down your niche, but what if you actually just embraced those interests? Here there are some natural commonalities between those topics and you can imagine an ideal client who would be into those things. Therefore there’s no harm in you creatively sharing content on these topics alongside self care because together those things can actually help you become more unique.

As long as you get more specific and clear the closer to the sale, you have that flexibility to share more of your passions. Just make sure that content is working as part of a marketing strategy that is bringing in the right leads to your business.

In my Unboxed Guide to Niche and Messaging programme I help you figure out your niche in a fresh way that will allow you to enjoy your business and feel creative and fulfilled, as well as growing it to be a success.

I help you to:

  • Do the right kind of market research
  • Create your broad ‘brand statement’
  • Craft your message
  • Create brand stories that resonate
  • Plan out content themes you can feel excited about, and know that they’ll still bring the right leads into your business
  • Get clear on the problems you solve for your ideal clients (so creating coaching packages or programmes becomes easier)
  • Ensure your niche and message is effectively communicated right across your business

Check out Unboxed Guide to Niche and Messaging

What are your thoughts on niching as a multipassionate? Have you struggled to find clarity for your business? Let me know in the comments!

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