Welcome to the new look Wholeheartedly Laura!

Behind the Scenes

Welcome to the new look Wholeheartedly Laura!

Behind the Scenes

Hey there everyone, welcome to the new look Wholeheartedly Laura! Yes, the website has had a much needed makeover.

I decided I needed a rebrand and redesign earlier this year when I finally made a big decision on the direction of my business. I started out as a health and wellbeing blogger and then started offering health and wellness coaching and other online offers like group programmes, online courses and retreats. However a few years ago when other coaches started to approach me for advice on their businesses I eventually started to offer business mentoring and design work as it felt like a really natural move for me with a background in design and that I had prior experience in supporting social enterprises to set up and grow – which happen to have a lot of similarities with coaching businesses!

For a while I kept those two elements of my work separate with two websites and even two Instagram platforms but I knew one day I’d need to make a decision about which one I was going to do more long term.

To be honest, until recently I always felt kind of bad that I’d pivoted into business coaching – I worried that people would somehow think I’d ‘sold out’ or that I’d moved into this area because I wasn’t able to make my health coaching business work, which couldn’t be further from the truth – if anything I found it a bit easier to make money as a health coach!

But when I asked myself what work I enjoyed the most, what I was most excited about and what I could see myself still feeling passionate about in 10 years then it’s the business side of things. For me, it’s always felt like a step that some people will want to take as part of their own wellbeing journey as it has been for me. I’ve always seen running a business where I do work I love, where I have time flexibility and where I can help others as an extension of my own self care.

When I had Freya right at the end of 2019 I quickly realised that there was no way I could maintain and grow what was basically two businesses and a choice needed to be made – but I could never stop talking about aspects of wellbeing so although I decided to focus on business; wellbeing, self care and intentional living are always going to be part of my work.

So I made a few tweaks to my existing website and forwarded my business website over to this one but due to lockdown and having a small baby along with clients who come first, it’s taken me until now to get it done but finally it’s here!

You’ll find some new things too, including some new freebies – my Homepage checklist, Zero to Launch Guide, Grow More Work Less Training and Own Your Awesome training – you can find everything I offer on the aptly named ‘Everything Page‘.

You can also find out more about my Design and Coaching package (if you’d like to bag yourself a new site like this!) and my brand new 1:1 mentoring offer, Thrive.

You can also check out my two most recent blog posts – my 2020 review and 2021 plan and a case study with one of my clients Jo from Dare & Discover. 

I’m so excited to get stuck back into blogging in 2021, and I really hope you like the new site, and the new branding! As always, I’d love to know what you think, let me know in the comments!

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