Big personal update post: Summer holidays, turning 39 and what I’m focusing on this season

Behind the Scenes, Personal

Big personal update post: Summer holidays, turning 39 and what I’m focusing on this season

Behind the Scenes, Personal

Hey guys grab a cuppa and get settled in for another personal update post!

The last time I shared one of these was in the spring, not long after the last lockdown. It’s been so nice to have had a period of stability with the schools and nursery open.

Now we’re deep in the summer holidays and while it’s definitely a bit of a juggle, I’ve been having loads of fun with the kids. Sometimes it can feel like the whole summer with the kids thing is framed in a negative way – where mothers are desperate for them to go back to school so they can have time to themselves again and I’m consciously trying to resist that way of looking at things. Yes, it’s not always easy but I want to enjoy spending time with them and make the holidays special.

Mutual sites of appreciation for self care are working really well for us at the moment!

Freya is so much easier now she’s walking (rather than getting very frustrated that she couldn’t) and we’ve found a good balance over the holidays where she goes to nursery two days a week and then both her and Fin go to my parents one day a week.

That leaves Finley with me a couple of days and one thing we’ve gained from lockdown is me being able to work while he just plays. Plus we’ve been having some days out just us. Then I’ve got two days with them both.

This week Finley and I had an impromptu trip to the beach early one morning and had breakfast and a splash and it was just so lovely that I’ve got the flexibility to do that. It was one of those moments when I realised just what I’ve built here with this business. 

One of my longer term goals is to be able to more or less take the entire summer holidays off, and so far I can see how I can tweak a few things that should make that do-able next year as long as I stay focused on it!

So yep, so far so good as far as the summer holidays are concerned.

The other thing on my mind at the moment is turning 39.

It’s definitely a ‘thing’ knowing I only have one year left of my 30’s! This decade of my life has been so incredible with starting a business, moving house and having our babies so I want to end it well and head into my 40’s feeling as good as possible.

I think having that year left is making me focus on what I want to achieve – most of which is connected to my health and wellbeing.

But as we close out the summer and head into the autumn (yey, I am such a basic autumn bitch and I literally can not wait!) here are the few things I’m going to be focusing on:

Businessy things I want to focus on:

There’s still a few things that I want to work on from my last post like collaborations and getting Thrive Cart set up. It’s actually helpful looking at that post as a reminder!

Flash sale – I thought my birthday next week would be as good an excuse as any to run a flash sale so if you’ve ever fancied checking out my courses next week would be a great time to dive in!

Re-write my website copy – when I launched this new site at the start of the year I feel like the copy was a bit rushed, and recently I’ve had a big realisation around what kind of coaches I feel I’m best placed to serve. I also have a new quiz freebie in the pipeline as well!

Starting a podcast! – yes, I’m finally going to be starting a podcast. I’ve had a podcast before a couple of years ago that I did with my friend Kezia, and it’s something I’ve wanted to get back into for a long time. It’s not going to be a traditional podcast though, it’s going to be more of an extension of my blog and other content creation. Super excited about this!

Wholehearted Business Programme – I’ll be opening my 6 month group programme again soon. The programme has been tweaked a bit since I launched it in March and it’s such a fab programme I’ve really been enjoying delivering it and seeing the results everyone has been getting! Join the wait list here.

Thrive 1:1 mentoring – I’m making a few changes to how I deliver my 1:1 mentoring package. I’ve ran it a few times now and I’ve got a better feel for how I want to serve my clients within it. So I’m keeping the number of session the same, but delivering it over a slightly longer time frame. I’m also structuring some of the sessions differently and adding in a couple of new things to make it even more special. With that, the price will be increasing on the 1st of September. You can find out more here.

A new small programme on creating really easy low tech things to sell – so this week I ran a free webinar where I basically debriefed the viewers on all of the different things I did as a health coach to generate income that wasn’t 1:1 coaching. Something interesting that came up looking back at my early stuff, was just how quick and easy it was to put together and sell. These days it can be easy to feel like you need all the expensive course hosting platforms to make things work, but I actually think there’s a lot of advantages to keeping things simple for you and your clients and customers. Anyways, that’s just an idea at the moment so we’ll see where that goes!

Life stuff I want to focus on

A renewed focus on my physical wellbeing – I’ve been doing well with exercise recently thanks to Peloton but I’m definitely ready to kick things up a notch with my eating as well. Plus I’d really like to get back into running. Slightly TMI, but I’ve been having some pelvic floor issues and I have a lot of tightness in the muscles around my hips and pelvis so I need to book back in with my women’s heath physio and start work on getting that sorted. And I just want to eat better, not for weight loss but simply to not feel so lethargic – I’ve been diagnosed with anaemia and I’m on supplements for that, but I know there’s so much more I can do with food in a balanced way.

Clothes – I posted on Instagram stories the other day about how uninspiring I’d been finding my wardrobe and that I was feeling a bit frumpy – not how I want to feel as I end my 30’s thank you very much! So I had treated myself to a couple of new bits from Thought Clothing including this jumpsuit, a pair of very expensive but gorgeous jeans from Whistles and a cardigan from & Other Stories. I’m also getting my hair done soon. Plus, I desperately need some new underwear, all I have are nursing bras and thankfully Freya only really wants to feed at bedtime now so it’s time to sort myself out in that department!

Decluttering – having two kids makes me feel like all I’m ever doing is decluttering! Freya has grown out of so many clothes and we still have a lot of baby stuff that we need to return to people who loaned it to us. We are also drowning in toys and I’d like to get a better rotation system in place.

My desk – we live in a three bed house and don’t have space for a separate office so our desks have always been in our dining room which is all open plan with our living room and kitchen. The longer term plan is to convert our garage into an office (and extend on top for an extra bedroom) but that’s still a couple of years off. Anyways, I used to have a gorgeous desk, but when lockdown 1 started and my desk top Mac died, I decided to ditch my desk and make more space for Finley’s arts and craft stuff. My plan was to use the dining table as a work space but it’s always covered in Finley’s crap so at the moment I have a tiny and very uninspiring area and I need to change something up. I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do but writing this down now as a reminder to figure something out!

So just a few things for me to focus on then! How are you getting on? Anyone else as ridiculously excited for autumn as I am?

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  1. Maria @ Maria Runs

    I always love autumn- new beginnings (with the new school year), sunny but crisp days, cosy jumpers, warm drinks…


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