Content Repurposing Ideas for your coaching business


Content Repurposing Ideas for your coaching business


When it comes to growing your coaching business in less time one of my favourite strategies is content repurposing. In this post I’m going to explain what repurposing is, how it can save you time, give you lots of content repurposing ideas and examples and talk about how you can create a system around it all to save you even more time!

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What is content repurposing?

Content repurposing is about reusing and recycling the various pieces of content you create to promote and market your business. Content can be anything from an Instagram graphic and caption to a Facebook Live, to a blog post or podcast episode.

Repurposing is basically taking a piece of content and turning it into new content – so a Facebook live could become the basis for a blog post, a quote could be pulled out of a podcast and made into an Instagram post. Some of the content from a blog post could form the basis of a Reel.

Since the online marketing world is fast and busy, repurposing your content and basically milking every last drop of brilliance out of what you’re creating just makes sense!

Some people worry that when they repurpose their content they’re risking people seeing things twice or feeling like they’re being ‘too visible’.

However, the current situation with social media in particular is that it’s fast paced, people have short attention spans and the way the algorithm works means that they’re unlikely to see ‘too much of you’ (if there’s such a thing!) and if they do see a lot of your work, then it’s likely they’re your super fans and won’t mind.

Content repurposing can also help you reinforce your brand and messaging – since people do a lot of skim reading and scrolling these days, repetition is not a bad thing – in fact I think it’s really good to repeat yourself from time to time, it just means more people are going to pick up on the different elements of your messaging.

How content repurposing saves you time

Repurposing your content will save you time because you’re not reinventing the wheel every time you sit down to create something to market your business. Over time you will have created a massive amount of content (all your intellectual property) and all of this can be reused and recycled into new content.

You can repurpose in direct and indirect ways, for example resharing an old Instagram post exactly how it was originally posted, or taking a paragraph from a blog post and expanding on that topic for a live video.

Either way, you’re not starting from scratch.

Obviously, you will need to be creating something original every so often – but when you build a system around how you approach your content as we’ll get on to in a sec, you can save time in that way too.

Content Repurposing Ideas

There are so many ways you can repurpose your content – here are some ideas to get you started:

  • You could record a video and then pull the audio from it and turn that into a podcast. You could then turn the transcript into a blog post (this is exactly what I do with The Wholehearted Business Show FYI!)
  • You could create an Instagram carousel post with the main points of a blog post
  • A Facebook live could be downloaded and shared on YouTube
  • A free challenge you run could be packaged up into a paid product
  • You could create a Reel based on a podcast episode
  • You could create a Reel buy chopping up the video from a YouTube video or a live video
  • An old Instagram post could be reshared with a new graphic
  • An old Instagram post could be expanded into a blog post or a live video
  • A video could be broken down into quotes or key topics which could become Instagram posts
  • A Reel could be shared on Pinterest as an Idea Pin or on YouTube as a Short

Free and paid content repurposing

As mentioned above, there’s no reason why you can’t repurpose things you’ve created ‘for free’ into something you then charge for like the challenge example above. You can also repurpose elements of something paid into part of your free content – something I did a while ago was screenshot a slide from a paid live training that was illustrating how Pinterest can get you more sales and made it an Instagram post. This helped me promote the training and gave me a content idea!

How to create a content repurposing workflow

One of the best ways to approach content repurposing is to have a workflow around it. This means it’s all a bit more organised and that in itself can save you more time. This might look like starting with a core piece of content, deciding how often you’re going to create that core piece of content and then what you’re going to do each time that content is created.

So for example, in my business I my core piece of content is a weekly video. That video is edited and the audio is pulled off and that becomes my weekly podcast episode. I take the transcript from the video and turn it into a blog post (what you’re reading right now!) and then that blog post is shared to Pinterest and the video to YouTube. I then pull ideas out of the video / podcast / blog post and use them to create most of my Instagram content.

I have a neat workflow for all of this and it works super well!

If you want to learn more about this particular workflow I’m covering the entire strategy of how I create all of this in my new training How to Create a Multi Platform Content Show which you can join for just £37 / $50. I’ll also be sharing the specific workflow and tutorials on how to set up the podcast feed, YouTube channel, getting the transcript off and more.

Join the How to Create a Multi Platform Content Show here.

I’d love to know if this post has been helpful! Let me know in the comments.


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