Getting refocused and remotivated in your coaching business (September Fresh Start!)


Getting refocused and remotivated in your coaching business (September Fresh Start!)


I adore September. As a self confessed basic autumn bitch, it’s the start of my favourite season and I love the energy of renewal that comes along with that back to school feeling.

For me, September is almost like a new year, it’s a great opportunity to get remotivated and reinspired especially if you’ve had some down time and rest over the summer.

I’ve written twice about how to use this time of year as a fresh start here on Why September is the best time of year for a fresh start and here on How to make the most of the September fresh start so do check those out if you want more of a general lifestyle twist.

But when it comes to our businesses I think this time of year can be really powerful when it comes to getting refocused as we head towards the end of the year. Here’s a bunch of tips and ideas if you want to rediscover your business mojo this September…

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Reconnect with your goals and intentions

Generally speaking I tend to check in with my annual goals and intentions quarterly around the solstices and equinox, but September is an exception to that rule as I always feel pulled to check back in with the intentions I set myself earlier in the year.

If you’re wanting to get refocused, going back to these goals and reviewing your progress can be a great first step.

Get coaching

Whenever I feel a bit lost with my business or lacking in motivation one of the best things I can do is actually go out there and coach people! Connecting with the people you’re here to serve, reminding yourself why you love your work and why it’s needed and just getting back in the groove of it if you’ve had a break over the summer can be really helpful.

If you’re a fairly new coach maybe that’s offering some free or low cost coaching sessions. If you’re more established then perhaps it’s getting calls booked in with current clients or doing a push for some discovery sales calls or even a round of Priceless Power Hour Style calls.

Commit to a mindset practice

This September I’m committing to a daily mindset practice. So much of our success in business is down to our mindset and how that impacts the ways in which we show up, and if you want to get woo about it, what we manifest into our reality. Doing some form of mindset work on a regular basis is great for you and your business and can absolutely help reinvigorate you for the new season.

I love EFT and visualisation and find they massively help me get into a better energetic space.

Go work somewhere new

Speaking of energetic space, another useful thing you can do to shake things up is change where you work. If you usually work at home at the dining table can you go and try a coffee shop or a co-working space? Or even just move positions inside the house? It sounds like a small thing but it really can make a difference.

When I really want to focus I go out to a coffee shop with good wifi as I always seem to get more done in less time when I’m out of the house without distractions!

Work with the energy of the season

The energy of autumn is all about completion, culmination and letting go. What does this look like for your business? What needs to be completed? What do you need to let go of in order to reach your goals or intentions? What can be refined or reviewed?

Plan to do something that’s exciting and energising

If you’re coming out of the summer feeling a bit flat, doing something that feels fun, exciting and energising is a great way to bring some new energy into your business.

I’m a big believer in doing what feels good as the path of least resistance. If things are feeling sticky, just do something that feels fun without getting bogged down in it being ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

Maybe that’s creating some new marketing content, delivering a paid masterclass, running a challenge or creating a mini course.

This September I felt called to create a brand new workshop which, as it happens, is going to be perfect if you feel like you want to review how you’re currently marketing your coaching business for new clients.

Join me for my new free workshop Aligned Marketing and Client Attraction for Coaches live on Wednesday 21st September at 2pm UK time / 3pm CET / 9am Eastern.

This all killer no filler workshop will teach you:

  • Where you should focus your time and energy to get more clients NOW
  • How to market your business so you’re future proofing your flow of clients
  • Mistakes most coaches make when it comes to client attraction and marketing their business and how to avoid them
  • How to actually enjoy marketing your business so you connect with more potential clients and get in front of new people
  • How to market your business without social media (if that’s what you want to do)

Sign up here to join us live or get the replay here!


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