July – September 2022 Behind the Scenes of my Coaching Business (including income report, lessons learned and more)

Behind the Scenes, Business, Personal

July – September 2022 Behind the Scenes of my Coaching Business (including income report, lessons learned and more)

Behind the Scenes, Business, Personal

Continuing on with my quarterly behind the scenes posts, here’s a quick run down of what I’ve had going on in life and business between July and September.

You can check out my posts for Jan – March and April to June here.

I find writing these posts really useful in just running back over what’s been going on and identifying my own lessons. This year has definitely been one where I’ve consciously taken my foot off the peddle as I’ve had so many other things going on, renovations in particular.

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July was a fairly quiet month as the schools finished for the summer holidays so that was really the main thing I had going on. However, I did create and implement my Evergreen Instagram Funnel Strategy which has been great.

My intentions with that were that I’d have it in place over the summer holidays as I wouldn’t have time to post much on Instagram anyways, but I’ve decided to keep it for now as I don’t think the time creating static posts on Instagram is worth the return on investment of time.

So overall July was quiet but all good!

Income: £3562


August was full on summer holidays and I also turned 40, so business wise it was quite a quiet month. I participated in the On Camera Confidence Retreat, an online summit which was fun, however I didn’t notice any big shifts in email subscribers etc as a result.

Over the summer holidays I was working 1-2 days a week, and had a full week off too. I used to want to take the full summer off, but this year I think I realised that would probably be a bit too much and I found that the 1-2 days a week was actually a good balance that I’d like to repeat going forward.

I also signed a couple of new clients in August which was fab!

Income: £4626


September felt like a bit of a sticky month, maybe it was all the stuff going on with the economy, mercury retrograde, whatever, but yeah, it just felt a bit more tricky than usual.

However there were lots of fab things, I ran a free workshop, my Aligned Client Attraction and Marketing Workshop which then led into a mini launch for Wholehearted Business.

I had one person join Wholehearted Business completely independently of the mini launch, so via the Evergreen elements I have set up, and as I type I have 4 people booked in for discovery calls about the programme and other support I offer.

I also made a few tweaks to Wholehearted Business and created more of a structure within the programme including new milestones to help people move through it.

Something else we created this month was a new retreat for 2023! You can find out all the details of that here. This is my 5th retreat and the 3rd I’ve ran with Jo, I can’t wait!

Income £3825

Where my income comes from

I share this in each BTS post, but I think it’s probably helpful to get a sense of where my income actually comes from so here’s a quick list:

  • 1:1 Coaching / mentoring
  • Brand, Website and Coaching Services
  • One off calls
  • Courses and Programmes
  • Affiliate income
  • Group Programme
  • Retreat

Why I share my numbers

I’m sharing my numbers for a few reasons, I believe that women especially probably don’t talk about money enough, and while I know numbers can sometimes be triggering (they have for me before) ultimately I believe it’s illuminating and empowering to share these things. Some of you might look at those numbers and think they’re brilliant and others might think they’re low – it depends on how we’re all calibrated really. Either way, I’m proud of my earnings as someone who has always run their business alongside raising children and working less than 20 hours a week – and recently it’s been a lot less than those 20 hours. I do still have big income goals but I’m happy to take an aligned road to meet them!

Email list

My email list currently stands at 3045, that’s a very small improvement on last quarter, however with my usual level of unsubscribes that’s maybe around 150 new subs between now and then which I’m happy with given I haven’t done much this last quarter!

Things I learned this quarter

I mentioned this in the ‘this is why your coaching business isn’t working’ post and I’ve been reflecting on this for myself too, basically I feel that I’m at that point in business where all my offers are good, everything is working well and actually what I need to grow and make more sales is simply more people in my online community – i.e my list!

I’m really happy with the numbers I attract organically via my blog, podcast and YouTube but I know I need to really look hard at this area in the months to come in order to really see the level of growth I’d like to experience.

Earlier in the year I’d talked about wanting to run a summit and that just hasn’t happened. The main reason is practical, I’ve just not had the time to do it, but I’ve also recognised a limiting belief or block that comes from childhood connected to not feeling like one of the ‘in girls’, feeling left out and not being part of the ‘clique’. Just fully recognising this has been helpful, but I know when I’m otherwise busy, I lack the headspace and bandwidth to do any work on this and hence I probably act out subconsciously on that ‘programme’ I have running in the background.

So going forward seeking some support around releasing this is going to be key for me moving forward.

I’ve also recognised that I’ve lost my flow with creating Reels and other short form videos this quarter and I’m excited to find my place with that again soon, without beating myself up for not doing them!

Health + Life

Health wise all is good! I’ve started running again regularly and I absolutely love it. Life wise our home renovations are still ongoing and I want to get everything finished off before Christmas so that’s going to be a bit of a massive task but I’m up for the challenge!

Future plans

I have a couple of ideas in mind for the next few months, but I’m definitely feeling into it. This year is definitely turning into one that has been much more focused on my home life than my business and I’m very much ok with that. I’m interested in what 2023 will have to hold but I don’t want to get ahead of myself!

As always I’d love to hear your thoughts on any of this. Let me know in the comments!


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