How blogging can help you get more clients and grow your email list


How blogging can help you get more clients and grow your email list


It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of blogging for helping you grow a coaching business. I started my online business as a health and wellbeing blogger, and while the blogging world has changed a lot in the last 12 years, blogging is still a great strategy for growing a coaching business.

So how do we use blogging to get more clients and grow your list? Read on for an explainer and tips…

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What is blogging?

Blogging is where you create content (most often in written form) on a regular basis and share it on a platform (most often your own website).

Blogs are often written, but you can absolutely include other media such as images, videos and audio.

Why is blogging a good idea if you run a coaching business?

I like to think of my blog as the ‘sun’ of my marketing solar system. It’s the place that anchors everything I do to be visible and seen as part of my marketing strategy.

One of the reasons why having your blog as the centre of things makes sense, is because, if your website is on your own domain and hosting set up, you own your blog.

Unlike social media, which you don’t have control over, you have much more control over a blog that operates on your own site.

There’s still rules to be played by when it comes to blogging in terms of getting seen, but they’re nowhere near as hard as the rules on social media these days.

Blogging is slow and expansive

Inside my group programme Wholehearted Business, I explain why blogging is a form of slow and expansive marketing – essentially because it can take time to kick in when it comes to getting results. However it is expansive in that it can result in some very impressive and sustainable growth.

When you invest time in blogging, compared to let’s say investing time in creating Reels, the potential reach and number of views / people joining your list is bigger over time with blogging. I wrote this post in 2018 and today it brings me over 50 new email subscribers a month.

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How does blogging help you grow your email list?

When you create blog based content that sits on your site, it’s a much more frictionless process to have people join your list than with social media.

When you closely relate your freebie / lead magnet to the topic of your blog post you can increase those sign ups even more.

As your blogs have so much longevity, that means that you can get hundreds, if not thousands of people to join your list without you having to do any more work after you’ve hit publish.

How does blogging help you get more clients?

Blogging can help you get more clients in a variety of ways.

Anything that helps you build your list as per the above point is going to help you get more clients and sales because of the connection you can create with people in their inboxes.

But outside of that, blogging itself can help you get more clients because it supports you to build authority and trust. When you’re creating blog posts which are long form content, you’re sharing valuable information that demonstrates that you know what you’re talking about. This helps to create trust with potential clients.

Even just the process of creating blog content on a consistent basis over time supports trust because it shows that you’ve been around doing your work for a long time.

Blogging also builds connection. Particularly when it comes to coaching, people want to work with people they have a connection with, who they know, like and trust. Blogging can help build that. Outside of the constraints of social media algorithms, you can blog about whatever you like. Sharing more personal stories, essays and content based on what you really care about can help people get to know you and how you work in a much deeper way that bitesize content on social media does.

You can also directly drive sales with your blog content. Whether that’s through links to your products and services or by creating content that primes your potential customers for your packages and services, blogging can be a valuable part of your sales process.

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Blogging is best with friends

As amazing as blogging is, it doesn’t exist in a vacuum – it works best when you combine it with some specific strategies for getting it seen. My favourites are SEO (search engine optimization) and Pinterest. As you will also see if you’ve followed me for a while, I combine blog based content with audio and video as a podcast and video for YouTube.

Pinterest, YouTube and to a certain extent Podcasts apps are all platforms that use search as a way of content being found and work really well with blogging.

If you do also wish to have a presence on social media then blogging can also support that too. Repurposing your blog based content works extremely well to drive ideas for other platforms such as Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Linkedin.

How to include blogging in your marketing strategy

Blogging makes a great foundation for your whole marketing strategy for your coaching business. Creating blog based content on a consistent basis over time will help your business become more sustainable because you have the potential to attract new leads without having to do anything new. Blogging absolutely needs to be combined with other ‘faster’ strategies to get clients on a quicker basis if you’re in the first 1-2 years of your business – this is exactly what I teach and support you with inside Wholehearted Business.

However, if you just want to dive into the Blogging side of things then check out my programme Blog School. It will teach you everything you need to know about creating blog based content to grow your coaching business.

I’d love to know if this has been helpful, do you blog for your coaching business and if not, will you give it a try? Let me know in the comments!

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