A coaching business tune up – 5 areas of your business to tweak if you’re not getting the results you want


A coaching business tune up – 5 areas of your business to tweak if you’re not getting the results you want


Is your coaching business just not quite working? Maybe you’re not attracting the number of clients you’d like, you’re not making enough income or you’re feeling burned out?

If this sounds like you then read on, I’m going to share a number of areas of your business you should think about tweaking if you’d like to improve your results. Let’s dive in!

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Your mindset

I know it can be common for business coach types like me to blame everything that isn’t working in your business on your mindset. And while I don’t believe that everything is a mindset issue – a lot of the reasons why we get stuck and feel stuck in our businesses is down to how our conscious and subconscious thoughts and feelings impact how we show up – or rather don’t show up, in our work.

For example, If deep down you don’t feel safe holding money and abundance (maybe because in the past your family has asked you for money as soon as you’ve had anything spare) then it’s going to be more difficult for you to energetically attract it.

Taking an honest look at where your mindset is at and what might be holding you back and negatively impacting you and your business is always a good place to start if things aren’t quite working out the way you’d like it to.

Mindset work is one of those things that is never really ‘finished’ as frustrating as that can be! So it’s always worth checking in with this and seeing what else you can explore.

Your offers

If your offers aren’t selling then it’s a good idea to review everything you sell to understand why. Good offers need to clearly communicate a transformation and it actually needs to be a transformation people want.

How do your offers help people? Are you clearly explaining this in your sales copy? Are you using testimonials or social proof to help demonstrate the shifts and transformations people are experiencing when they work with you?

How are you feeling about the price? If you don’t feel confident with the price you’re selling the offer at, that can make it harder for you to get behind it and actually sell it. If the price is too low, you might be feeling resentful and not fully showing up to sell it either.

Your sales processes

This is a really common place for coaches to struggle – sales! How do you make sales? Do you even have any sales processes?

Reviewing how you actually take someone from being a ‘hot lead’ (aka an amazing human – I’m not a fan of the language of ‘leads’ as it sounds dehumanising) to becoming a client can make a huge difference in your business.

Even just asking yourself how much you share and talk about your offers can be eye opening. If you’re struggling to get clients, a great place to start is to just talk more about your offers and invite people to a discovery call!

Your marketing / lead generation

On the marketing side of things, are you connecting with people through your content? I believe that the majority of what we think of as selling is actually done way before people see a sales page or book a sales call. If you’re not being visible enough and not sharing content in your marketing that is going to grow connection with people – the old ‘know, like and trust factor’ – then you could be finding it hard to get clients.

Your inner congruence

Here’s the thing, you don’t need to be perfect to be a good coach. You don’t need to get everything right 100% of the time, you don’t have to look or act like the stereotypical version of what ‘success’ in your industry looks like.

But you do have to walk your talk.

This inner integrity or congruence gives you more self confidence when it comes to your coaching, and if that’s out of alignment this can be something that impacts how successful your business becomes.

Like I said, this really isn’t about having to be perfect, your skills as a coach and helping people experience a shift is not dependent on you having your shit together, but I do think that for most coaches to feel truly confident in putting themselves out there, having that alignment in themselves that they are living their lives to the best of their ability in relation to what they talk about.

If your business is feeling a little stuck or stagnant, ask yourself if you’re either holding yourself to impossible or unrealistic expectations or if you’re maybe not showing up in a way that feels aligned for you in your own life. If it’s the latter, then applying some of what you teach others to yourself can be really eye opening and helpful!

The truth is, a successful business doesn’t just happen by accident. It happens by design. And sometimes to get designs right, we need to tweak and refine until we figure out what works. It can be easy to focus on just one area of your business and feel like fixing that one issue will make everything better, but usually it’s the combination of things that make a difference.

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