Low key ways to be more visible as a coach


Low key ways to be more visible as a coach


Visibility – we all want to be more ‘visible’ as a coach but what does visibility even mean? And how can you be more visible if you’re an introvert, find visibility a bit scary or are simply finding your feet in your business?

I’m going to share a few simple, low key ways to be more visible as a coach that won’t overtax your nervous system or give you a vulnerability hangover!

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What is visibility?

Visibility, in the online business world, is related to how ‘visible’ we are to people who could be potential clients or customers. It’s how we intentionally get ourselves in front of more people. There can be two sides to this, one being how physically visible we are in terms of showing our face and sharing our voice, but also being visible in terms of being ‘out there’ so people can find us. The thing is, visibility can be easier said than done for a number of reasons. Many of us have some major mindset stuff when it comes to visibility as well as practical blocks. Some of us can struggle with the energy of having to be so outwardly visible all the time which can lead to feeling burned out. That’s why I wanted to share a few lower key ways for you to become more visible if this is an area that feels uncomfortable for you right now.

Start a blog

Starting a blog and writing blog posts on your own website can be a great low key way to gain more visibility in your coaching business. People can find you via your blog as a result of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and it tends to be a slow burn in terms of growing an audience – but that can actually be a good thing if you’re wanting to take a low key approach. There’s a number of other benefits of blogging for your business, particularly over other forms of content marketing so it’s always my number one recommendation for anyone who wants to start getting more visible but who is wanting to take it slow. If you want to add in an extra layer of visibility you can record an audio version of the blog post and embed it like a mini audio book – when people get to hear your voice that can increase the connection they feel with you – and that grows the know, like and trust factor that leads to people becoming clients.


And while I’m talking about blogging then I simply must mention Pinterest! If blogging feels good to you then Pinterest is a great thing to add in to help your visibility. The vibe of Pinterest is generally very positive and relaxed, so again it can be a great way to get in front of more people who could benefit from your work. Want to learn more about Pinterest? Start here.

Create a Google Business Profile

Another low key way to be more visible is to create a Google Business Profile. This will enable people to find you when someone searches for something relevant in Google. For example, they might search ‘Health Coach Durham’ and if you say in your Google Business Profile that you are a health coach in Durham you’ll show up. Win win!

Get listed in online directories

Do some research on relevant online directories for coaches in your industry and look at the options for becoming listed. Not every online directory is going to send lots of potential clients your way, but some can be really effective. They can certainly help you be found by more people and support you to be visible in a relatively un-scary way.


At first glance, starting a podcast might not feel like a low key way to get visible, it might feel way too out of your comfort zone! However it is a great stepping stone from some of the other forms of low key visibility to getting a bit more visible in a bigger way. The starting of a podcast can be very low key and the growing of the audience via having guests and you being a guest on other podcasts can be a good step up. Want to learn more about getting started with podcasting as a coach? Check out this blog post. There’s obviously a lot more to becoming visible than I’ve covered here, and if you find the whole idea of becoming more visible scary then I have an invitation for you! I’m running a free Sustainable Visibility event beginning on Monday 25th September where I’ll be sharing free training and coaching to help you become more visible in your coaching business, but without totally trashing your nervous system in the process. Sign up below to get the free daily videos and private podcast feed.

I hope to see you there!


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