Behind the Scenes: Making big changes to your business


Behind the Scenes: Making big changes to your business


I thought it would be interesting to share my recent experiences around making significant changes to my business and what prompted these changes, what the changes look like and some of my future plans.

No matter how long you’ve been doing this business thing, it can be a good idea to check in and review what you have going on in your business so you can clean up, simplify and invite in some fresh energy.

I enjoy sharing behind the scenes content because there’s so much to be learned from others’ experiences and while my business might look a little different to yours I hope there’s still a lot of takeaways.

To quickly rewind back to the start of the year, I felt really good about the plans I had created in December for 2024, but as January progressed and going into February everything just felt really ‘heavy’.

I felt like I was moving through treacle, both in business and my personal life and it felt like nothing was really moving forward. I was feeling super frustrated – which as a Generator in Human Design, is a red flag!

It all came to a bit of a head at the start of March when I just had this big realisation that something needed to shift.

Feeling like you want to burn your business down can be a very normal part of running a business. Whatever level you’re at, and no matter how long you’ve been doing it, I know many coaches and entrepreneurs who get to that point.

It doesn’t mean that you need to burn it all down and start again – sometimes I’ve felt like this because of where I am in my cycle or because I’m sick or maybe because of something happening in my personal life.

This time however, I knew there was something deeper to it and I needed to explore what was generating that feeling.

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I identified some key frustrations – which I need to add have nothing to do with my wonderful clients and more to do with how I’ve allowed things to develop in my business

  • I was doing too much done for you work – I started to include more and more of this where I actually get in there and do the stuff for clients and I had bitten off more than I could chew. I also wasn’t charging appropriately for this done for you work so I was becoming burned out.
  • That was leading to me having no time to do the work I knew I needed to do to grow the business, like getting some ads up and running and tweaking some new funnels. This is very, very important. If your audience isn’t growing then your business isn’t growing.
  • My recurring income base was very low and it was stressful starting each month from a low baseline even when my cashflow was pretty healthy.
  • Everything was feeling messy and scattered and I felt unfocused between trying to sell and grow different offers.
  • I was starting to take on too much of my clients energy – as someone who has empath tendencies I can absorb a lot of what is going on for my clients and have that create more pressure on myself which is not a sustainable place to operate from.
  • Something instinctual was just ‘off’

At the start of March I had the idea or ‘ping’ for a small mastermind group style programme helping coaches create an offer like a group programme, course or membership and while there was a lot of interest in it, not enough people were ready to invest in it.

All of these things combined lead to that ‘let’s burn this thing down’ feeling, although the mastermind group not taking off was probably the trigger.

The good news is that while it’s an uncomfortable place to be, it’s also a really good place to be because that’s what you sometimes need to initiate big changes that lead you to ultimately, a better outcome.

From that place I started journaling out my thoughts. This was super helpful to gain some clarity on what wasn’t working, what was working and what needed to change.

– I’m going to add in here that I’m not currently working with a coach. I’m seeking one out but I’m yet to find someone I resonate with who offers coaching and mentoring in the way I know I need. It would definitely have been helpful to have the support of a coach here and this has just made me realise even more that I need to work on finding someone / calling in the right person for me!

From that I started to develop a bit of a plan. I decided to survey my community to explore what was going on for them and get some general feedback. I also did further research by looking at my best performing marketing, digging into other data and just getting a much more detailed picture of what was going on in my business.

I’m not naturally that detail oriented when it comes to work I do for myself, so going deep on this was really helpful.

I already had a bit of an intuitive nudge on what I thought might need to shift, but it was helpful getting that ‘data’ to inform my ideas and decisions moving forward.

I blocked off a week in my calendar, made a conscious effort to avoid external input from social media etc and then started to work through everything I had collected, did more journaling, did some energy work and then made some plans and decisions around the business moving forward, which look like…

Key changes to Wholeheartedly Laura:

⚡️ I have retired a couple of my one off calls. I used to have 3 one off call options and now I only have one. You can book a clarity call for either 60 minutes or two hours. I’ve also made it available for everyone in my community to book a single 60 minute clarity call for a discounted price of £97 / $127. Having 1:1 support accessible to people whilst also honouring my time was important to me so I’ve put that in place. I’ve also retired my free Coaching Business Audits as while they were fun to offer and gave me a lot of insights into where people were at, they just aren’t sustainable to offer at my stage of business. Check out the Clarity Call offer here.

⚡️I’ve retired Content Marketing for Coaches Club. I’ve been running the low cost membership for over a year now and it’s been a lot of fun to run but now is the right time to close it. I realised I can’t successfully sell and grow multiple ongoing offers and something had to give. When looking at what I offer, this made the most sense to let go of. I’ve pulled together all the resources I created for this into a new digital product called Content for Coaches Kit.

✨Changing the structure of my 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring Program. I’ve made some tweaks to how I offer 1:1 coaching and mentoring. Now, I would usually never recommend a client do what I do, but I’ve added a 3-4 month offer and a 6-8 month offer. I now also include the ‘done for you’ element into the programme so it’s fully costed. I honestly think the value in these programmes is second to none, and by industry standards I’m probably still undercharging a little but this feels really good to me in terms of delivery, price and what I know I can help people do in their businesses with my support. You can check out the new prices and options for 1:1 mentoring and coaching with me here.

✨Something new later in the year for coaches who are burned out from 1:1 work – yes, I did try and offer something similar to this just this month without success, but I know there’s a need for a programme such as this, I think I just need to find the right format. There are a number of coaches who find that 1:1 work isn’t sustainable or that they don’t enjoy it and I also know I’m a brilliant person to help them figure out what else they can offer that is still fun, profitable and sustainable.

Wholehearted Business – this is where things get really exciting! Out of all my offers this one is going to get the biggest makeover and I’m so excited to share the new upgraded version with you shortly. I’ll do another behind the scenes chat just on how and why I’m changing this and the launch of it once it’s all wrapped up. But I’m so excited to be creating this I can’t wait!

Alongside all of this I designed a new business roadmap for myself all plotted out as a flowchart so I can see how all the pieces connect together. I get so geeky with this and it really helps my visual brain to see it all laid out like that.

So there you have it, that’s pretty much where I am right now in my business! I hope this has been helpful in some way. I have to admit, there were definitely feelings of shame around finding myself in this place.

As someone who coaches and mentors others in their business I had the expectation on myself that I should automatically just have it all figured out. But the truth is, everyone in business goes through these evolutions and I’m really proud of how I’ve navigated and managed this and will continue to manage this. I know this experience makes me an even better mentor for others.

There’s not much learning to be had on a journey that is straight forward, and trust me, my business journey has been anything but! It’s those ups and downs and detours that I feel have given me the experience to be a really good coach and mentor so I can help others navigate their own journey’s.


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