Staying healthy in the heat

Here in the UK I think it’s fair to say it’s been pretty damn hot these last couple of weeks! Don’t get me wrong, I love some sunshine and warmth, but even with my pregnancy aside the temperatures we’ve had have been challenging for a lot of us. When you are on holiday in a warm country, you aren’t usually having to carry out normal day to day activities or working in an office or driving in a car with no air con!

I thought I’d share a few of the things I’ve been doing to stay healthy and comfortable in this heat, as well as a lot of other tips I picked up from my fab community on Facebook!

Lots of raw fruit and vegetables

I totally face planted that watermelon after I took the picture above! Raw fruit and vegetables are super hydrating as well as being packed with anti oxidants that will help protect your skin from the sun from the inside out. So fill up on salads, smoothies and fresh fruit. 

Coconut water

Coconut water is the perfect hydrating beverage as it contains a good balance of electrolytes. When it comes to staying hydrated, sometimes water isn’t enough, especially when you sweat because you are also sweating out minerals like sodium. For your body to be able to maintain cellular function, it needs an adequate supply of electrolytes in the right balance to enable the cells to do their jobs correctly, hence coconut water is great for drinking in hot weather or during physical exercise when you sweat a lot!

Cheaper alternative to coconut water – your own electrolyte drink 

I love coconut water but it is pricey! Plain water is great, but if you are sweating a lot try adding a tiny pinch of salt and some sugar or something like orange juice or honey to the water to balance electrolytes. I also love this recipe for a homemade sports drink from Wellness Mama. If you struggle with plain water try carbonated water, cooled and iced herbal or green teas or fruit infused water. I love the ideas here on the Free People Blog.

Quality salt

Linked to the electrolyte balance discussed above, I like to make sure I’m getting in some good quality salt. Salt has been vilified over the years linked to high blood pressure, however when you are eating a diet made up of mostly whole foods, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little mineral rich sea salt or my personal fave, pink himalayan salt, to your meals and drinks. Most salt in people’s diets is the salt added to processed food, so if you aren’t consuming that processed food and are instead eating a lot of fresh fruit and veg, a little salt will help maintain electrolyte balance and a host of other functions within your body. This post from Chris Kresser explains why we all need salt. 

Water mist brumisateur

Yep, they are expensive, but I have been loving mine! I know you can use a cheapo spray bottle filled with water but somehow it just doesn’t feel the same! I’ve been misting myself with this before bed and it really helps cool me off which in turn leads to a much better sleep. I have also found that using this over the past week has kept my skin feeling really fresh. A little luxury, but a worthwhile one in my opinion.

Good antiperspirant

You know I love my natural beauty and skincare, but as I’ve said before there are some occasions when only the big guns will do! I like Mitchum for really stopping me sweating but I don’t use it often, only when I am doing something where sweating would be uncomfortable, like out for a meal or to an event. When I’m home I go deo free or use a Dr Organics from Holland and Barrett Roll on. A great tip I got from one of the ladies in my 12 weeks to feeling fab course private Facebook group is using antiperspirant between your legs if you get a bit of sweaty thigh rub. I haven’t tried it yet, but it does make sense!

Sunscreen or SPF containing products

I always use a face cream that contains SPF, Green People Day Solution is my favourite and over the last couple of weeks I’ve returned to using my Bare Minerals Tinted Moisturiser on top which is SPF 20. Tip – make sure you apply your daily face cream right down your neck and on to your chest to prevent against sun damage in that area as at this time of year it’s often just as exposed as your face. As I said in my post about the sunburn map, definitely make sure you have some stronger SPF for days when you’ll be out and about longer. I like the Green People range for something more natural. As long as you don’t burn in an instant, think about having a few minutes of sun exposure on your arms, torso and legs without SPF to help your body manufacture vitamin D. Then make sure you cover up and get the sun screen on!

Ice lolly moulds

I love my ice lolly moulds and have been using them none stop! There’s loads of recipes for them online or check out my raw choc dipped strawberry ice lollies or low sugar chocolate crunch ice lolly recipes. Lately I’ve just been blending some plain organic natural yoghurt with fresh or frozen fruit and a little honey and they have been tasting amazing. I love these ones from IKEA which you can also get on Amazon.

Chia seeds

Chia seeds are awesome at any time of year, however they are fabulous in the heat as they absorb several times their own weight in liquid and are therefore super hydrating as well as providing your body with healthy fats and antioxidants to look after your skin. Add them to smoothies, overnight oats or simply soak them in some liquid to make a delicious pudding like my coconut and lime chia pudding recipe!

Vest tops and leggings

This might be a personal one for me, but vest tops and leggings rock. They are just so comfortable and cool, especially when you are preggers!

Exercising earlier in the day

This doesn’t affect me so much as I tend to work out early anyway, but for more regular exercisers working out earlier when it’s cool just makes good sense! Whatever time you are exercising make sure you are drinking lots of water and or homemade electrolyte drink as above!

I also put the question out to my fabulous Facebook community and got a great response with lots of tips!

Wholeheartedly Healthy

Read the all the comments and tips here. There’s also these great tips on staying cool via Greatist and my good friend Chris that works for Age UK linked me up with these tips for older people to stay cool in a heat wave.

Do you have any more tips to add? How have you been staying healthy in the heat?

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