Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #70: favourite parks and products not to be discontinued


Eat, Move, Wear, Love, Link #70: favourite parks and products not to be discontinued


IMG 7533

Happy Sunday everyone! I hope you’ve had a fabulous week. Mine has been a lot better than the last one thankfully, although I have to say I think I’ve been feeling quite sensitive. I was really saddened with what happened in Nepal, and I seem to have come across lots of sad stories which have upset me as well. It’s not that I’m never moved by the tragedies you see day in and day out, I just seem to be feeling them more deeply this week. On to a happier note though, it’s just one week until we are off on our little holiday to Brighton and I can’t wait!

This week I’ve been doing well with preparing healthy meals in advance, one of which was a big batch of beef ragu which I’ve enjoyed with some spiralised courgette, although I did find a spaghetti squash in the shops yesterday so I may well be making another batch of it! 


IMG 7527Scrambled eggs, strawberries, almond butter

IMG 7536Porridge with strawberries and almond butter

IMG 7516Salad with chicken and hummus

IMG 7528Salad with chicken, mango and avocado

IMG 7541Baked sweet potato with mackerel, red onion and spinach

IMG 7505Chicken and cashew stir fry

IMG 7521Curried freekeh and chickpea salad with steamed purple sprouting broccoli

IMG 7545BOL lentil veg pot

So it seems that Innocent have stopped making their veg pots but they’ve been taken over my BOL thankfully! I would have been sad if they’d been discontinued. This was my Friday night lazy meal and very delicious with a glass of red wine and some Lindt chocolate! Oh and I am currently mango obsessed at the moment, yum!


15 Minute Full Body Workout Fast and Furious Calorie Burn YouTube

  • Monday – 15 minute full body workout via You Tube
  • Tuesday – 15 minute yoga workout via Yoga Studio app
  • Wednesday – 1.5 hour walk
  • Thursday – 10 minute run
  • Friday – 1.5 hour walk
  • Saturday + Sunday – Rest

My usual Metafit class wasn’t on this week and I struggled with running on Monday after a tough night with the little one so I’ve enjoyed a couple of home workouts. I have really loved my walks this week, but more on that in a mo!


IMG 7556

Ready for a quick look out over in Newcastle yesterday I wore Red Herring jeans (which are far too big for me, yey!), white H&M vest under a grey H&M top with my New Look stripy blazer layered with a grey hoodie and sparkly necklace plus my trusty black canvas back pack.


IMG 7542

As I said, I’ve really enjoyed my walks this week. On Friday a friend and I went to the beautiful Hardwick Park and walked around the huge lake. It was my first visit to this local park and I loved it, so peaceful and quiet. They also have a big yurt where they do stay and play for the babies so we’ve vowed to return there soon. Also…

Getting some big home improvements planned with a handyman including new bathroom and changes to the kitchen! // family get togethers // seeing my best friend for a quick catch up // Salted Caramel Lindt chocolate // avocados and mangoes // Skype chatting with Jemma + Aiden // my last biz mentoring group call and reflecting on what I’ve achieved over the last two months // planning a great time in Brighton!


How has your week been? Is there a particular product where you’d be devastated if it was discontinued? Do you have a favourite park?



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  1. Pip {Cherries & Chisme}

    That mango chicken salad looks amazing! Definitely my kind of meal :)

    Ha well if Sainsbury’s stopped selling their frozen cherries I think I’d be heartbroken!!

  2. Susanne

    The spiralised courgettes and mango chicken salad look great!

  3. Sophie

    You look fabulous, my dear! :) All tasty recipe dishes! I prefer the Baked sweet potato with mackerel, red onion and spinach & the chicken & cashew stir-fry! Yummmmmmm!

  4. Lucy

    Glad to hear this week was better than last. Where did you find a spaghetti squash?! POPsugar workouts are SO good, and always a lot of fun and motivating too – plus I always really feel the effects the next day.
    This past week has been HARD WORK! No doubt next week will be too – my final University deadlines ah! Cannot wait to relax (briefly) soon.

    Also I must say – you always seem to get it so right with your salads – they’re always so simple yet tasty looking I tend to overcomplicate things sometimes.

    She’s So Lucy

  5. Lauren

    I feel you on deeply feeling the events happening at the moment, I am very similar.
    On a brighter note, it looks like you had a great week all in all :)
    My sister was actually just telling me on Skype last night about the innocent veg pot thing, as being vegan, they were fab for an easy, quick and healthy meal for her. She is annoyed that the new ones have honey in them ha!
    It is not really a product, but I think that if the world was suddenly unable to grow avocados, I would be devastated ;)

  6. lilylipstick

    I had no idea that the Innocent Veg Pots had changed – hopefully I can still find them as they are great for a quick lazy meal! x

  7. Claire @ Flake and Cake

    Looking lovely Laura!
    So exciting about your holiday, hope you have sunny weather!

  8. Louise (@louliveswell)

    I am totally loving walking right now as well – it’s so easy to fit in. Just put some shoes on and go! No kit needed, no watch, no gadgets at all really (although you know I love to listen to your podcast on my walks!). I always feel invigorated and not exhausted after walks too which is nice :) I need to find some walking friends though as currently I just solo stroll! Lx

  9. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    If they stopped doing those Options hot chocolate I’d be devastated. OK not healthy at all – full of chemicals and crap but I adore them. There are worse things to eat or drink I’m sure!
    The Nepal earthquake is just terrible :-( We are so lucky to not have those sorts of natural disasters. I just hope they recover well.

  10. Maria @ runningcupcake

    I would second the Sainsbury’s frozen cherries, I love them!
    That park looks wonderful, it is so nice to have open spaces like that to walk around in.


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