7 ways to get more organised and inspired with Pinterest


7 ways to get more organised and inspired with Pinterest


7 ways to get more organised and inspired with Pinterest

by Oct 25, 2017Lifestyle6 comments

I just adore Pinterest, I’ve been using it for years now and it’s without a doubt one of my favourite places to hang out online. I have had a few frustrations with it recently in terms of their smart feed (i.e showing me crap) and not seeing the pins of the people I’ve followed, but when I use it to search for inspiration and ideas and as a way to organise my own, it’s simply unbeatable.

As well as being a great place to find that great creative project to try out, it’s also incredibly helpful when it comes to getting organised.

Organisation is one of my 6 self-care themes because when you feel organised it has a great impact on your sense of wellbeing, as well the practical aspects of being organised enabling you to live life more fully.

Pinterest is a great tool to use because it can make organisation more fun and visual.

Before I get into the 10 ways you can organise your life with Pinterest, just a reminder that when you create boards on Pinterest (virtual pin boards) you can choose to make them public or secret. I use secret boards a lot because I don’t always want to potentially bore my 92k followers – however, you might prefer the privacy of using secret boards – it’s totally up to you!

Here are 10 different boards you should be using on Pinterest to keep you organised:

Recipe ideas for your meal plan board

Whether you meal plan or not, having a board full of recipe ideas at your fingertips can be a useful way to ensure you don’t fall into a habit of just ordering take away or popping down to the local Co-op for a ready meal. I can very easily fall into this pattern, or just get stuck eating the same meals which eventually I get bored of. Boredom with food isn’t helpful because when we don’t get that full taste satisfaction with our meals, we can start seeking that from snacking which easily turns to overeating.

Fill your board (or create separate boards for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks) with simple recipe ideas that are healthy but tasty and you’ll always have something to inspire you to try a new recipe. It can be worth clicking through to recipes to check and see what ingredients they use before you Pin them. This is about simple ideas so recipes with a long list of ingredients might not be quite as helpful when you’re looking for some actionable inspiration!

Wishlist board

This one will help your finances out! I’ve been keeping ‘wishlists’ for years and years, I love keeping tabs on the things I need and want, and having that in visual form via Pinterest is super helpful. If you’ve ever struggled with impulse spending or find that you spend over budget having that wish list will help focus you on what it is you actually want, rather than getting carried away in the moment, or whenever that 50% off code for your fave online store hits your inbox.

Just pin the things you want or need and use your wishlist as a reminder of what you’d like to be saving up for or purchasing. When I’m being focused around money (I’ve had an up and down relationship with it over the years) I review mine each month, decide what’s essential and what’s a ‘want’ and look at what budget I have and then make considered decisions.

Capsule Wardrobe / Style Board

I recently wrote about my autumn capsule wardrobe here, and you can take a look at my capsule wardrobe board on Pinterest here.

Pinning either the actual things you purchase (if I buy them in a shop I’ll search for them afterwards online and pin from the website) or even just similar looking items by searching Pinterest for ‘denim shirt’ for example (useful for existing clothing) is a great way to be able to view your entire wardrobe as one entity and make choices about outfits without having to lay everything out on your bed. It’s also really useful when deciding what to buy on a shopping trip, or what to add to your wishlist because you can quickly reference existing items and use the ‘must go with at least 3 other items in your wardrobe rule’.

In addition, within the same board or another, keeping a collection of images that inspire your own style can be very helpful as well. I love pinning outfit ideas or just style inspiration so that when I feel my current clothing is a little boring, I can get ideas for putting things together slightly differently.

Pick me up board

We all have shitty days don’t we? Creating a pick me up board is simply about pinning a bunch of things that make you feel good. It can be inspirational quotes, images you love, fun memes and links to blog posts that inspire you – basically anything that will help to put a smile on your face. Mine has pictures of peonies which are my favourite flowers, beautiful interiors, inspirational quotes and pics of sexy celebs. There’s no rules, just pin things that make you smile and remind yourself to look at it whenever you need that lift.

Boards for each season

I started keeping seasonal boards for spring, summer, autumn and winter a couple of years ago and have found it a really lovely way to tune myself into the energy of each season. I do find that I’m quite seasonally sensitive (if that’s even a thing) so having a Pinterest board enables me to collect together inspiration and elements that help me flow better with each season, and a place to keep together the ideas of things I’d like to do to fully embrace each time of year, basically like a seasonal bucket list, otherwise I have found the season just slips me by.

Vision Board

Since we’re currently approaching the start of a New Year, this might be a great one to action today! Keeping a board packed with images that reflect the vision you hold for your life, your goals and dreams is a fantastic way to keep yourself inspired and motivated. I name mine *2018* for example and then pin a bunch of images that reflect what I’d like to achieve, how I’d like to feel and what I’d like to focus on for that year. It’s really interesting to review your boards at the end of the year and see how much of what you’ve pinned has become reflected in your reality.

Read later board

Finally, a board I’ve always found useful is a read later board. I’ll often come across a really interesting sounding article or blog post but won’t have time to read it there and then so I’ll pin it so I can come back to it later. It can also be helpful to pin articles or blog posts that have actionable tips where it would be helpful to come back to them at a later date. Instead of bookmarking them, pinning them is a more visual way to save them and helps stop your browser bookmarks becoming too cluttered.

If this has been helpful or interesting to you, check out my Best Ways to Use Pinterest for Blogging, Business and Personal Projects here.

Are you a fan of Pinterest? Which boards do you have that keep you really organised?

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  1. Elizabeth Forbes

    You can get rid of unwanted pins on Pintrest, click on the pin then go to the bottom where it says “Promoted Pin” there is a little menu where you can say you don’t like the pin or report it if it is offensive.

  2. Ellen Williams

    Brilliant! I am a massive pinterest fan and it needs a sort out itself! Love the seasonal idea I will be getting on that when my new iPad arrives!

  3. Maria B

    I go through phases with pinterest, although I usually use it for ideas for work! When we were decorating the living room it was good to see what other people had done.


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