But how do I love myself?

Lifestyle, Self Care, wellbeing

But how do I love myself?

Lifestyle, Self Care, wellbeing

Hey ladies, today I’m really delighted to be sharing a post from one of my friends and clients the lovely Sam from Samantha Darby Break Free. Sam’s so lovely, and I wanted her to share some of her expertise around body positivity and loving yourself. I hope you enjoy this guest post!

I hope you’re having a positive day filled with smiles! Today I wanted to talk a little about self love. It seems like the term ‘self-love’ or the advice to love ourselves is everywhere at the moment. And whilst I couldn’t agree more that we all need to ramp our self-loving levels up and flex our self-love muscles more, there are some of us who have no idea where to even begin!
So I thought I’d give you a bit of a helping hand and share some of the ways that I learnt to look at my body and myself with a grateful heart and show them more love and positivity.

Accept who you are

This is probably the most amazing thing you can do for yourself, your body and your mind. I spent many, many years wishing I looked like someone else, wanting to have that girls body, a flatter tummy, bigger boobs and a less boy like, square frame. But the fact is I’ll never have someone else’s body, I’ll only ever have mine. My beautiful, strong body that holds my creative mind, my giving heart and my kind soul. My fit and courageous body that can do some pretty kick-ass things like run a marathon and grow a baby! (This still blows my mind!) No one else has your body, it’s yours and it’s awesome!
Love what you like and like what you don’t love

Okay, so my pooch and my little boobs are never going to be my fav part of me but you know what, they are okay and that’s okay with me. My bum and my legs however, I love them! Totally loving every part of your body is a pretty big ask. I mean I love my husband, but I certainly don’t like all of him! (it’s pretty hard to like the part that leaves stuff all every the bedroom floor). So don’t feel pressured into doing that, just start by liking those little bits that bother you and really loving those bits you think are great!

Step away from the scale!!

Scales are for weighing those ingredients to bake that cake. Scales are not a measure of your self worth, your awesomeness or the beauty in your body. Stop weighing yourself girl. Don’t do it! Weigh the flour and the sugar and make that cake.

Don’t compare

Don’t compare yourself or your body with anyone! Everyone is downright gorgeous in their own way. Admire others, but not at the expense of questioning your own fabulousness! Someone else’s beauty is not the absence of your own. There is no comparison if you are being truly you.

Take those compliments

Listen to what others are saying and learn to believe in the compliments you are given. Hell, why not write them down and look at them on those days you struggling to see just how gorgeous you really are. Don’t bat them away, when someone tells you your hair looks nice don’t respond with ‘oh yeah that’s cause I washed it!’ Learn to accept the compliments and hold onto them, they’re said because someone else genuinely thought that about you.

I hope these tips help you give yourself a little bit more loving.

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Have a beautiful day gorgeous,

Sam xxx


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