How to be more consistent with self care & healthy living

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Whenever I talk to women about wellbeing and being more healthy, something that always comes up is how to be more consistent with self care!

If you:

  • Stay really motivated for a couple of weeks but then ‘life happens’ and it all goes to hell (bingeing, not exercising etc)
  • Are fearful of ‘f**king up whenever you’re in a good groove with your wellbeing stuff
  • Are easily thrown off course when you travel / go on holiday / have a family birthday / work gets busy etc

Then check out this live video I did on Facebook sharing some of my best tips for becoming much more consistent with how you take care of yourself:

What things tend to knock you off course? What would your strategies be for ‘getting back on track?’ Leave me a comment and let me know!

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Laura Agar Wilson is a wellbeing coach and business mentor who helps overwhelmed women live a life of more intention via planning, routines and seasonal living.

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