Hygge Revisited: 5 forgotten ways to bring hygge home this season

Lifestyle, Self Care

Hygge Revisited: 5 forgotten ways to bring hygge home this season

Lifestyle, Self Care

It’s been a while since hygge was so on trend you couldn’t move for bumping into a scented candle or a chunky knit throw – but trend or no trend, for me hygge is a concept I love so much I’m always thinking of ways to bring more of those hygge vibes into my life.

Of course as we’re now in autumn here in the northern hemisphere, i.e peak hygge season, I thought I’d share some of the simple ways I’m keeping the hygge flowing in my life.

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about intentional living and being more hygge is something I do try and put intention into – I love feeling hyggelig!

The hygge ‘trend’ seemed to gravitate towards the material elements and things you can buy like cushions, candles and throws – and while those things can help create hygge atmosphere hygge is about so much more than just spending money on another throw.

Here are some of the ways I’m bringing hygge into my life this season…

5 forgotten ways to bring hygge home this season

Create traditions by celebrating seasonal days

Today is the autumn equinox and over the next couple of months we have Halloween and Bonfire night here in the UK and Thanksgiving for my Americian friends. While many of us do celebrate these days already, now might be a nice time to think about how we can create new traditions around some of these seasonal days.

Today for the equinox, Finley and I are going to collect some of the newly fallen leaves on the way home from school and do some painting / print making, maybe using apples too. We’ve got some lentil soup we cooked up at the weekend for dinner and we’ll read some autumn poems too. Earlier in the year I did treat myself to a scented candle and kept it until the equinox to light it. It’s not a lot, but creating a tradition around those things is super hygge.

For Halloween we’re going to forest school for an activity and seeing friends, then we’ll dance around the house to a halloween playlist while trick or treaters visit – this is what we did last year and it will be lovely to keep the tradition going!


Plan cosy meet ups with friends

As the nights draw in and the weather worsens, it can be easy to not see friends quite as much as you did over the summer. Why not plan some evenings in? One of my friends is running a book + gin party in October, you could have a board games night or plan a bonfire party. Connection with others is one of the forgotten elements of hygge I feel, so don’t forget to think of ways to get together with friends and family.

Find TV box sets to watch

One of my favourite things to do at this time of year is find a good seasonal TV show to watch on an evening with my husband. Last year we loved watching Sabrina on Netflix, the year before Stranger Things – it was just so perfect for the time of year.

I’m especially looking forward to Good Place season 4 starting soon!

Plan some ‘slow’ meals to cook

One of the things I love about autumn is all the fruit and veg that’s in season right now. I’ve been raiding my cook books and planning out some new meals to make the most of the ingredients now. Planning a meal that maybe takes a little while longer to cook – something you can tend to over an hour or so brings in some slow living vibes as well as being delicious!


Have a hygge day each week

If you can, why not try and have a hygge day each week? I like to try and have a Sunday for this (doubled up as self care Sunday too!) where I have a slow day, sometimes we might do something as a family like a trip to the woods or the Quayside market, then come home, cook a nice big slow meal as above and stick a movie on. Then I try and have a bath and plan out the rest of the week. I’ll often light a candle during the day, close the blinds and just snuggle down with my family, its bliss!

I’d love to know if you’re still a hygge fan and how you’re bring hygge into your life this season – let me know in the comments!


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