Ah March, what a good month you’ve been! After February being a big meh, March has brought sunshine, eclipses, positive vibes and new phones! I did ok with my goals…

  • Really refocus on eating well – need to eat larger, more filling meals and reduce snacking considerably! Have a focused and clean eating March – Kind of, definitely not clean eating (er slutty brownies anyone?) if anything I found a much better balance with treats
  • Make our kitchen gluten free – Success! James had 3 weeks gluten free and felt much better after it. He experimented with eating gluten again this last weekend and found some symptoms came back, so we’ll be gluten free from now on!
  • Work out 3 – 4 times a week including one run and one yoga workout – Success!
  • Complete the squat challenge! – Success!
  • Focus on business development – make the most of mentoring programme and start working with a virtual assistant – Success!
  • Declutter desk area, Finley’s things and beauty drawer in bathroom – Kind of, I decluttered the visible areas of my desk but that was it!
  • Paint nails once a week – total fail!
  • Moisturise twice a week – Success!
  • See a financial advisor to get a solid idea of what mortgage we can afford – Success! This went very well, in fact we can afford more than we realised, fingers crossed our flat will sell soon

I’m really happy with how I got on with my goals this month, although I had a few fails, I did well with the key ones and I feel like I’m moving forward towards my big year goals. I’m still using my Shining Year Workbook to help me stay on track.

One thing that has developed more this month is not weighing myself. I stopped doing this in February and I’m so much happier. I’ve decided I don’t need the scales to tell me how to feel about my body. I know I’m in a smaller clothes size to what I was at the end of last year, I know I’m eating well within a balanced approach, and I feel good about being more active.

Of course a huge thing for me this month was Grains as Mains being published. I keep having to pinch myself when I see the cover with my name on! I shared my favourite recipes from the book here.

Grains as mains collage

My favourite posts on the blog in March included:

Easter via morgue file

  • Run twice a week and start to build up training for my races this year
  • Get my Just Giving page set up
  • Complete my push up challenge!
  • Declutter the flat even more – I need to sort out under our bed, my desk drawers and my bathroom
  • Do a spring clean on the flat
  • Do a few home improvements including new kitchen work benches and door handles  
  • Arrange dentist appointment and smear test
  • Bake a proper cake
  • Do a mini nutrition reset after Easter – with lots of green smoothies!
  • Keep up my self care – oil pulling, dry skin brushing, moisturising and sort out my nails!

Quite a lot I’d like to do there, hopefully all do-able with some help. What I’ve learned recently is that it’s ok not to do everything yourself, even if that means paying for help. I may very well get a handy man in to do the little jobs around the flat and pay for a cleaner. James and I would rather spend our weekends with Finley than having to work or clean and that’s ok! 

I mention the dentists and smear test thing as I had those things on my self care list for last month and didn’t get them done, so I’m sharing those with you now for accountability! Neither are very pleasant, but both essential for good health of course. 

I’m excited about really challenging myself with running more this month, I have 4 races to prepare for! I think having my Just Giving Page set up ready for CHUF and the British Heart Foundation will be good motivators. What I haven’t listed, but may well happen is leaving the gym. There’s a metafit class on a Friday that you can take your little ones to, so if I get into that then there’s really no need for me to keep up with the gym until the autumn.

I’m really looking forward to Easter and I’ve already indulged in some Mini Eggs, my not so guilty pleasure! I’d also like to bake a proper – i.e. not healthified, cake. With mini eggs on it. Yum. Hence why I think I’d benefit from a bit of a clean week after that. 

To hopefully burn off some of Easter treats, and tone up our arms ready for summer, we have my April challenge!

Push up april

You can do the full version, or like me, the on the knees modified version. I’d love to work my way back up to full push ups by the end of the month. Here is a good guide for correct form and safety, so check this out if you are in. Really looking forward to this one!

How was March for you? What would you like to achieve in April? Are you up for the push up challenge?



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