7 Amazing DIY Natural Skin Care Recipes

collaborations, Self Care, wellbeing

7 Amazing DIY Natural Skin Care Recipes

collaborations, Self Care, wellbeing

Moisturising cleanser vertical

I love my beauty routines and over the past few years I’ve made a real effort to go natural with as many products as possible. When Baldwins asked me to work with them on 7 DIY natural skin care recipes I was delighted! Together, we’ve created 7 handy images for you to Pin to Pinterest with the recipes clearly illustrated. Above is a natural moisturising cleanser which is so nourishing for the skin. Below we have recipes for a spot treatment, make up remover, gentle skin cleanser, natural body scrub, natural bath salts and a natural exfoliator! I’ve tried and tested all of these and the are amazing, so simple to make and give you great results. 

The oil based recipes, bath salts and make up remover all keep pretty well in jars in the bathroom where as the gentle skin cleanser and exfoliator are better made up each time you use them or kept for a couple of days in the fridge.

I’ll let you have a look through the rest of the recipes…

Spot treatment vertical

Make up remover vertical

Gentle cleanser vertical

Body scrub vertical

Bath salts vertical

Exfoliator vertical

Final full infog

I’d love to know if you try any of these!

Do you use natural beauty products? Have you ever made your own natural skin care products?

*post in collaboration with Baldwins



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  1. Louise @louliveswell

    AMAZING! One of my new year’s resolutions this year was to go natural on my skincare. I’m using coconut oil all the time – eye make-up remover and moisturiser and it’s amazing. And saves me money as you only need a tiny bit each time! I’m mega excited to try out your recipes above though, especially the cleanser as I’m still using a wash (Neal’s Yard though which I love). Thanks Laura!

  2. Dannii @ Hungry Healthy Happy

    What a great idea. I really want to move towards only natural beauty products, so this might be a good place to start. I’m going to share this on twitter.

  3. Maria @ runningcupcake

    The scrub sounds good enough to eat!
    I keep thinking I should make my own products, but I have not got around to it yet.

  4. Lauren

    This is such a handy post thank you! I use mostly natural skin care products but I want to make my own too. I made a green spirulina mask the other week and it made my skin feel great. Definitely trying some of these :)

  5. lilylipstick

    These all look great! I’m trying to use more natural skincare, definitely need to try the moisturising cleanser as already have all of the ingredients to hand! x

  6. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Brilliant! Love how natural and simple these are. I should exfoliate so much more often than I do! (Which is, I currently don’t…)

  7. Issho Genki

    Thank you for sharing this one, I will try this at home and will let you know the effect on me.

  8. Sue Stewart

    These all sound great! I struggled with my “problem skin” for years before I finally realised that the problem isn’t my skin, it’s the petroleum-based “beauty products”. Will definitely be trying some – or all – of these.

    DIY hair removal products are remarkably easy, too. Much less expensive than salon treatments and fairly easy, especially if you have someone to help! I’ve lost the original recipe an Australian buddy gave me, but this site has a very similar one and discusses the pros and cons, too:

    Sugaring hair removal


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