How to get out of a funk

I hate it when I find myself in a funk, or as I call it, feeling flunky. It’s when you just aren’t feeling yourself, like you got out of the wrong side of the bed. It sucks, and I’ve found that if I don’t snap myself out of it, I’ll feel like that the whole day. For anyone else that finds themselves in the occasional funk, here are 15 of my favourite ways to bust out of it…

1. Go for a walk – even just a walk around the block can help. 

2. Listen to music – preferably your favourite uplifting tunes. Elbow One Day Like This, is one of my faves. You could also create a feel good playlist.

3. Laugh – that might be watching a funny movie, a stand up comedian, something on YouTube or one of those posts on Buzz Feed like this one.

4. Bake something – preferably a cake ;-)

5. Make a cup of tea or coffee.

6. Read a book – maybe re-read a chapter of your favourite book.

7. Have a browse of Pinterest – if it’s your kind of thing, do a search for motivational quotes, or cute animals.

8. Do some colouring in.

9. Declutter some crap – there’s always somewhere or something you can declutter.

10. Try some yoga.

11. Have a bath or shower.

12. Dance and sing – put on some music you can dance or sing along to.

13. Meditate for 10 minutes using an app like Mindfulness or Headspace.

14. Dress up – even if you don’t feel like it, dress to impress, it will make you feel better!

15. Write a list – ok this might just be me, but does writing lists make anyone else feel zen-like? 

What are your favourite ways to get out of a flunky mood?