Self Care Ideas for the Spring + your free self care kit!

Lifestyle, Self Care

Self Care Ideas for the Spring + your free self care kit!

Lifestyle, Self Care

self care ideas

Although it might not feel like it right now, spring is coming! I’m always thinking of new self care ideas and with spring being one of my favourite times of year, a little like September, it has a lot of fresh start potential. We really can work with the season and tune into that growing, productive, focused, getting stuff done energy!

Obviously self care is important at every time of year but I think spring offers us the opportunity to put a particular spin on it that will set us up right into the summer. 

If you’re not familiar with the basics of self care I encourage you to check out my post How to Practise Self Care Like a Boss, it’s the most viewed post on my site!

Here are a few great self care ideas for the spring:

Declutter + clean

Oh yes, they don’t call it spring cleaning for nothing! This is a great time of year to clean your space and have a good old declutter. You might want to think about decluttering and organising your food store cupboards, fridge and freezer, make-up and skin care, clothes and accessories and paperwork. I also like to do this in September at the start of autumn but it’s lovely to do in the spring as well. 

Cleaning is obviously a great one. If you can, schedule a deep cleaning day and clean all those pesky areas that don’t get done when you usually clean. Cleaning is great if it feels like an act of self care for you. If it doesn’t, consider hiring in a cleaner for a one-off deep clean. Remember this is about what feels like self care for you!

Conciously increase your fresh veggies

Spring is when many more fresh vegetables start coming into season. Making a conscious effort to eat more fresh and raw veggies is a lovely way to bring in that spring energy and of course get a boost of nutrients for your body too.

Sort out your outdoor space

If you are lucky enough to have an outdoor space to call your own, then now would be a great time to give it some TLC in order to be able to use it for self care activities like lying out in the sun, eating outdoors or doing yoga outside. If you don’t have an outdoor space then check out the next point!

Get some new house plants

Having house plants has been shown to promote wellbeing and lower stress. Personally I can’t not have plants around me, I love seeing that pop of green! Look out for pretty little succulents, aloe vera, snake plants or spider plants are all lovely. Check out my house plant board on Pinterest for more ideas!

Buy yourself flowers

In the winter I’m all about the scented candles, pine cones and cinnamon but when the spring hits I love to treat myself to flowers as often as I can. Buying some beautiful peonies (my absolute fave) and having them on display is just such a delicious way to feel good in my book!

Make plans with the people you love

When I see self care talked about online it usually focuses on the candlelit bath type of self care, which of course is all well and good but for me self care is so much more holistic than that. It really is about getting your needs met in every way and something I love to think about in the spring and going into the summer is making arrangements to see the people I love. Bonus points if it’s an outdoor activity! Friend time is most definitely self care for me, but it can drop over the winter months when all I want to do is hibernate. Getting this back on the agenda in spring is such a great form of self care.

Switch over your wardrobe

I’m a huge fan of the capsule wardrobe and spring is the time of year when I enjoy putting away the heavy sweaters, boots and winter coats and bringing out the lighter clothing. I usually think about what key pieces I need for the months ahead and have a little shopping spree – self care in itself!

Bring spring into your space

Just like with your wardrobe, putting away heavy blankets and woolly cushions and switching them for something more spring-like can really help to make your environment more reflective of the season. Give your hygge corner a makeover as well: what will still make it feel cosy but embraces the spring?

Plan a home retreat / spa day

Book a day off work, have a bath, watch a movie, do whatever you need that day – you deserve it!

All of these ideas are a great way to incorporate more self care into your life this spring, but maybe you’re reading all of these but don’t really know where to start? If that sounds like you you’ll love my new Ultimate Self Care Kit. It’s a free 12 page guide to figuring out your own self care needs.

Want a handy fillable pdf worksheet of this process plus a list of 50 self care ideas? Pop your email here to get it emailed to you!



How do you like to focus in on self care in the spring?

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  1. Maria B

    De-cluttering is always so satisfying. I did quite a bit over the Christmas holidays but I’ve got a lot of paperwork to sort through at some point.

  2. Cynthia Hanna

    I Iove this! I hope you don’t mind if I share. I am a Peer Support SpeciaIist working with peopIe Iiving with severe, persistent mentaI iIIness and have severaI groups that I run at our drop in center. One of those is a weIIness group (12-15 peopIe) which is what I wiII use your kit for, if it’s okay with you. Thanks so much for sharing!!

    • Laura Agar Wilson

      Oh yes of course that would be amazing, if it can help anyone I would be delighted!

  3. This Kathryn Girl

    I bought purple tulips today on the way home from work!!! <3



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