Christmas treeOur tree!

When I wrote my post for November it was before Finley had his operation and we really didn’t know what to expect. Thank goodness everything went so well! His op took place, he was out of hospital in 6 days and just last week had his post op check up where he was discharged for 6 months. I could not be a happier mama! Since we got out of hospital life has been brilliant. The first week was a little ropey as Finley was quite fussy with his oral thrush, but now that’s gone things just get better and better. We’ve been out and about together loads and have found a much better daily and night time routine. He’s growing well too. Bring on December!

On the blog I shared a couple of recipes…

Grain free vegan paleo gingerbread 6

My fave posts from this month…

Cute Finley


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Of course with a new baby I’m even more excited about Christmas than usual! I love December so much and as always I want to enjoy every moment, in particular every moment with Finley. That means leaving a lot of ‘stuff’ un done and relaxing more. I want to spend more days just wrapped up with Finley on the sofa drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas films or going out shopping drinking Christmas coffees with my parents than worrying about cleaning, my business and yes, even the blog. I love blogging and reading blogs so it’s always hard to give it a miss, but I will be back with a bang in January on all fronts, so taking some time to recharge after the stressful last few months and enjoying my baby to the max is going to be my priority. 

I also want to take a little time out to plan for 2015. My life is so different now that I have a child and I need to reassess where I’m going with lots of things. I’m quite excited about it all! I know that I need to have a new focus next year so this will probably be my last pledge type post as I feel like now is the time to go back to more focused goals and I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!

How was November for you? What is your priority for December?

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