July Round Up and August Goals


July Round Up and August Goals


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Well July has been a good one on the whole, but August is my birthday month as well as Finley’s first birthday, my Mam’s birthday and our wedding anniversary. Bring it on! But first, how did I get on with my goals for July?


  • Get back to basics with lots of water, consistent meal planning, meal prep and taking supplements – Success!
  • Run 2-3 times a week and follow plan for Great North Run – Big Fat Fail!
  • Start meditating 3 times a week – Success!
  • Write a list of things we need to sort out in preparation for moving – Kind of, but better!

I didn’t set myself loads of goals this last month and I’m happy with what I did achieve. I did really well getting back to basics with meal planning and everything. I have also surprised myself when it comes to meditation, or should I say visualisation. I’ve tried and failed with meditation before, but I’ve built it into my evening routine and it’s stuck! Running has been crap! I was poorly and then pulled that muscle in my rib cage so running 2-3 times a week hasn’t happened, although I am proud that I managed parkrun and I also did a 4.5 miler at the weekend. I didn’t write a list of things to sort out for moving, but I did lots of decluttering and sorted out a major road block we’d had around our lease (our property is lease hold) which could make a HUGE difference in our ability to sell. Well chuffed with all of that!

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My fave posts on the blog this month:

Birthday mocktail

August Goals 

  • Have an awesome birthday! – including a ‘me’ day
  • Celebrate Finley’s birthday and all the other celebrations this month
  • Run / walk once a week – building up distance 
  • Get back to metafit and doing yoga
  • Up the fundraising for CHUF for the Great North Run.
  • Track all my finances
  • Biz goals

August is celebration month for me! I’ll be turning 33 and have all those other family celebrations too. My goal is to really enjoy them all and to make sure I have a ‘me’ day as part of my celebration too. I can’t wait to go out for a meal and cocktails with James and afternoon tea with my friends.

Exercise wise I’d like to take the pressure off the running as I talked about last weekend. As long as I’m doing my run / walk each weekend and also doing metafit and yoga during the week I’m confident I’ll have an enjoyable Great North Run! Alongside that I’ll be focusing on getting more sponsorship and funds for the amazing Children’s Heart Unit Fund through the Team Finley page.

Another thing I’d like to do this month is get back to tracking all my finances again this month, I feel so zen and in control when I know what’s what with my money! On the biz side I have a few goals around pushing forward Wholeheartedly Healthy 2.0, launching Fabulous YOU for another round and developing a new AWESOME mini course.

August is going to rock!

How was July for you? Do you have any goals for August?

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  1. Anna @AnnaTheApple

    Nice work on your goals! Oh jeeze August is going to be about packing and sorting out my house! Gargh. But I do strangely enjoy it…it will be cathartic anyway…

  2. Judy

    Ugh, I also have been forsaking meditation, well, the past couple of months. I love it and I feel so calm and in control afterwards, but somehow I don’t take the time to do this for myself. I will schedule this in my calendar this month.

    You’ve done well on your goals for July, yay!

    Sounds like August will be a busy and fun month for you. Enjoy it!

  3. Maria

    Lots of birthdays for you to celebrate- I can’t believe Finley is going to be 1!
    Your running is going fine – I know you have not done as many as you planned but you will manage it I am sure.x


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